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  October 19, 2015

Important Aspects to Focus On When Looking for Great Promotional Power Banks


If you are trying to boost the visibility of your brand and, at the same time, reward your loyal customers with a useful item, promotional power banks might be the ideal choice. Why are we saying that? Because power banks can provide battery power for virtually any type of mobile device: from cell phones to tablets, laptops and many more electronic devices.

Since nowadays everyone relies on technology, promotional power banks might be the item your clients take everywhere with them, thus providing your business with a considerably enhanced brand visibility. Other potential customers will thus know your name and will have your business in mind when they will need to order a service or a product that your company provides.

Reasons why power banks make an exceptional promotional gift

Power banks allow us to charge all our electronic devices even if there is no electricity. You simply have to connect your electronic gadget to it… and PRONTO! Your electronic gadget will get charged before you know it. One charge of the power bank will allow you to charge your gadgets up to 4-5 times. Here are the key advantages of power banks:

Ease: power banks are extremely easy to charge and use. These features make them suitable for practically anyone, regardless of age or education.

And even more ease: since they come in small sizes and have a metallic touch, power banks are very handy for practically any age group. Due to their sturdy, metallic body which increases safety, power banks are perfectly suitable for children as well.

Compatibility: power banks can be used to charge iPhones, as well as Symbian and Android gadgets.

Style: power banks are available in various colours, sizes, and metallic casings.

Additional features: If you use to travel a lot, then this item is a must have. Power banks allow you to top up the battery of your phone and stay connected to your daily routine while you are off to a remote place. In addition, you can charge your phone for 3-4 consecutive days, even if there is no electricity!

Power banks are practically suitable for anybody. However, if you wish to narrow it down based on utmost usage, then power banks ideally suit journalists, businessmen, and frequent travellers.

Tips on how to choose a reliable power banks supplier

Before you opt for a specific supplier, there are some important steps you should definitely take if you want to make sure that you are buying high quality promotional power banks. By doing so, you will provide your loyal and prospective clients with an item with years and years of use. This way, you will also ensure that the image of your business is portrayed professionally.

The first thing you should consider is the supplier’s reputation. And this happens because, ideally, you should opt for a promotional power banks supplier who enjoys years of experience and knowledge in the promotional items industry. The chosen supplier should be able to offer you advice, helpful recommendations, and assist you in choosing those items that will appeal to the targeted customer base. If you provide your customers with an item they will actually use, you will achieve the sought after brand visibility you and your business deserve.

The next aspect you should focus on is the quality of the available promotional power banks. If you are interested in buying from an online supplier that is not located in your area, make sure to ask for a sample. Ideally, you would want to see and touch the item before ordering, and maybe even put it to a test before making a final decision. This might be a critical step, especially since the last thing you would want is to gift your customers a promotional power bank that does not work. It is extremely important to provide your clients with a good quality item, thus ensuring that your business is seen in a professional and positive light for years to come.

Before making your final decision, take the necessary time to find out as much as possible about the chosen supplier. If you are interested in the services of more than one single supplier, this step can make the difference between buying a low quality power bank and buying the best available product.  Make sure to carefully read not only the company’s “about us” section, but also the customer reviews on the website. In addition, you can also do a thorough online research on the company and check the online forums, the independent review sites etc. By doing so, you will be able to find honest, reliable customer feedback to trust and rely on.

Taking notes of all the services your promotional power banks supplier offers might also prove useful.  What other items do they provide? This is important to know because, this year, you might want to reward your loyal customers with promotional power banks. However, next year, you might want to offer them promotional USB sticks. If you know for sure that your chosen supplier can offer you a wide range of promotional products, it might save you a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run.  You can use the services of the same company for all your promotional items.

The delivery services the supplier provides also play an important role.  You might want to make sure that your order is delivered to your door in a timely manner and effectively by using the services of a reputable shipping company. Dispatch times, delivery times, and turnaround times will ensure that your promotional power banks will be ready to hand out to your clients as soon as possible.