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  September 9, 2008

If there’s something strange, on your USB, Who ya gonna call?

USB Sticks pre-loaded with music is old news; Sony have now pre-loaded USB Sticks with the Ghostbusters movie!

For the extortionate cost of £29.99, you can now carry your own little piece of nostalgic movie history in your back pocket!

So yeah, it’s kind of a waste on a film that’s only taking up a small fraction of the space. But what about entire series in a single solid state device? One that won’t scratch, and takes up less space on your shelf?

It might not happen tomorrow, but USB Sticks are the future of media. As higher memory flash sticks become more and more affordable, it’s only a matter of time until the DVD finds itself a real rival in the form of the USB Flash Drive.

Just remember, don’t cross the streams!