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  December 4, 2014

The HashKey: Speed Up Your Tweets with the USB Hashtag Key


The technological world we are currently living in is extremely rich in devices that sometimes look less than practical (not to say completely useless) for daily usage. In our previous articles we have already talked about several of them. Though social media is nowadays playing an important role in our lives, the USB Hashtag key may still belong to this ‘unpractical devices’ category, as no one really needs a One-Button Hashtag Keyboard. However, if you would like to save yourself the hassle of having to hunt down that annoyingly hidden hashtag key, then this device might be exactly what you need. Yes, you’ve heard it right: from now on, the hashtag will have its own, well-deserved key!

The HashKey: What can it do for you?

If you are wondering what this device can do for you, then you must know that its name clearly reflects its function: a key meant to easily type a hashtag without the need of all those annoying button combination. In simple terms, what this device will do is instantly type the # symbol into your #Twitter #mentions, thus saving you valuable seconds and celebrating the valuable contribution of this symbol to worldwide digital communication.

Designed specifically for all the media lovers who hate to hit multiple keys repeatedly, this ingenious device will please all those people who strongly believe that the hashtag symbol has earned its own specific place on every keyboard.

The HashKey can be easily connected to any laptop by means of an USB cable and a USB port. The main purpose of this gadget is to allow users to type the hashtag symbol without having to hit the shift+3 combination (if you are using a Mac) or other similar combinations your keyboards might require. Its creator, Ben Gomori, who has previously worked in social media marketing, came up with the perfect solution: the HashKey, which is a dedicated one-key keyboard that can quickly meet all your hashtag needs.

According to Ben Gomori, this gadget targets all the social media addicts. What’s more, apart from being a fun and original item to have on your desk, it can also make the perfect gift for all your social media addict friends! Through its Kickstarter campaign, this gadget is offered in plastic moulded versions, though its developer has also introduced a brushed Aluminium version that will be available in various colours in the near future. If the project is successful and he manages to raise enough funds, Ben Gomori and his girlfriend promise to work on a wireless version as well.

The HashKey: How much does it cost and when will it become available?

If you would like to have your own Hashtag Key, you can pre-purchase one. The shipping of this product is estimated for some time in March. So, if you were planning to buy it as a Christmas gift for your #friends, it is not going to be possible this year.