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  January 8, 2014

Five Gadgets That Every Business Traveler Should Carry

As a business traveler, an individual is most of the time on the road and there are a few standard things that should always be accounted for before you pack your traveling bags. If you are in this line of business, you should maintain loyalty to a hotel chain, to an airline and to a car rental brand, in order to get as many reward points as you can.

The new trends are going for the lighter weight traveling gear and individualised economy. The business travellers are bringing their own gear and are sustaining their own power requirements, in fact, they are creating a bubble working environment. And as technology advanced, now we have much lighter laptops or notebooks, briefcases are narrower and carry-on bags are more versatile and agile. But this creates needs for some other gadgets, that today’s business traveler should never be without.

Clear personal Wireless

Clear personal WirelessFirst of all, the personal Wi-Fi. Ok, you can find internet connectivity at hotels or at the airport, but let’s face it, these places are famous for gouging their visitors fees. And as the quality of the lodging increases, the rates usually go up proportionally. So why not bring your own internet? All you need is a free USB slot and mobile network signal. The costs for a day of internet access in some hotels can cover the monthly fee of the internet connection provided by most wireless providers. Plus, you can check your e-mails or look for an address even if you are not at the hotel and, being a personal connection, you don’t have to worry about people looking into your browsing habits.


Backup battery pack

Backup battery packThe second gadget we would recommend is a backup battery pack. Most of our devices are power through the USB port, so now it’s possible to bring back-up power to you tablet, mobile phone, portable speakers or many other devices with just one battery. These battery packs are extremely helpful in those days when you have to keep your GPS constantly, for example. And we all know that there are just a few mobile phone batteries that will still have some power left after a full day of heavy use. The only drawback of these back-up batteries is that they can create a weight issue. They can get heavy very quickly. But, on the market, you can find a variety of low-profile batteries that can give your mobile phone a decent half or full charge.


Travel ready tablet

Travel Ready Tablet

The third must have gadget, in our opinion, is a business and travel ready tablet. Most the new generation tablets are coming with office applications, e-mail, PDF readers and image viewing software. So all you have to do is picking your favourite and optimise it for business and travel use. The next step is to make sure that your data is seamlessly connected between you tablet, desktop and laptop. Also, be sure that you receive your e-mails in the right place and you have all the necessary applications for the tasks ahead. Don’t forget about itinerary planning apps, flight searching apps and music or movies that can take the boredom away during flights. And one last thing, this is a business tablet and your clients will see it, so don’t pick a “Fruit Ninja” design, unless you are in that business.

Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphonesNoise cancelling headphones are our forth indispensable gadget for business travellers. We don’t have to tell you about the benefits of this gadget. They can either come with a jack connection or with a USB one. The best thing about them is that their prices are doing down, making them very affordable.




Ultrabook computer

Lenovo ultrabookAnd finally, our fifth pick is the ultrabook computer. Finally, reasonable processors are fitted into these small form laptops, making them ideal for business traveling. They provide enough power to open a very large PowerPoint file, up to 100 pages, and stream Spotify in the same time. And with the growing competition in the IT industry, they have decent prices. So if you have to do a lot of typing and use many peripherals, notebooks can provide a solution that tablets are not yet capable to offer.


A carry-on bag can have enough space to hold your tablet, a low-profile computer, an extra pair of shoes and a change of clothes, everything a savvy traveler will need.

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