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  April 23, 2008

File format for Video Preload on Branded USB sticks


We often preload our clients usb drives with marketing material and one question which often comes up is which format to use for Video preloads.

Therefore we thought it would be good to give our clients some advice on what format to use for the video preload for usb memory sticks

There is basically three options:

1. Quicktime- This format will play on all platforms (Windows and Mac) However most windows users will have to download quicktime if it is not already installed on the PC.

2. Windows Media Player- This format will only play on PC, however Mac users are able to download some 3rd party video player called VLC which plays all formats.

3. Produce two videos one for Windows and one for Mac and put in two folders names “Windows” and one called “Mac”

This would be the best solution as the mac users could just delete the Windows folder to free up space and vice verse for windows users.

It also depends on your target audience, if your clients are in the media/advertising industry they are more likely to use Macs and Quicktime should be the right choice.

On the other side if your clients are a government organisation they are more likely to be PC users and Windows Media Player would be the right choice.

We hope that this sheds some light on the issues, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us