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  December 11, 2015

Eco-Friendly USB Memory Drives For Your Marketing Campaigns


When USB memory drives first became available on the market, people perceived them as extremely useful, expensive, and highly valued items. Though nowadays they are still perceived as useful, people have drawers and drawers full of them. Why? Because each time one attends a conference, a seminar, or an exhibition, custom USB memory drives are handed out like candy. While most of them are made of plastic, some others are made of metal or leather. Since USB memory drives keep proliferating, wouldn’t it be nice for us to consider using recycled/recyclable materials?

If you decide to use eco-friendly branded items for your marketing campaigns, you will not only reduce the impact of your items on the environment, but your loyal and prospective clients will also associate your brand and products with a responsible attitude towards the world we all live in.

When businesses are trying to select the promotional items for their marketing campaigns, there is no doubt that one of the most frequent considerations is whether to opt for a modern hi-tech item or for something that is environmentally friendly. Well, it has become possible to get the best of both worlds: all you have to do is choose a custom eco USB flash drive! These USB memory drives work exactly the same ordinary ones do. The main difference is that their outer casings are made from low impact materials. So, it makes perfect sense to combine these environment-friendly qualities with a modern, essential tool of today’s commerce.


The main types of eco-friendly USB memory drives

The raising environmental concerns have determined more and more businesses to become aware of their negative impact and carbon footprint on the environment. As a consequence, numerous businesses are looking for new alternatives to counteract – or at least balance – their carbon emissions. And, one of the newest and most innovative ways to help combat this problem is switching to green or eco-friendly items for promotional purposes.

Eco USB memory drives have become one of the most popular promotional items nowadays. In the age of technology and speed, these portable storage devices not only allow users to drop and store documents and files from their computers onto the flash drive’s memory, but they are also extremely comfortable to carry around practically anywhere: from work at home, on business trips. The eco USB memory drives feature a shell which is made from recycled materials such as paper, plastic, or even bamboo. Below you can find a list of the most common eco USB memory drives:

Recycled paper USB memory drives: recycled paper is definitely one of the latest eco-friendly materials that flash drives manufactures are using to meet their clients’ promotional needs. Recycled paper USB drives are fast, convenient, and an easy way to store and share large files.  Due to their convenient price, these eco-friendly USB drives can be handed over to friends, co-workers, or clients as a sign of environmental responsibility, without having to worry that the recycled paper cases are not durable enough to be used again and again.

Environment-friendly wood USB flash drives:  this type of USB memory drives are nowadays available in a wide variety of attractive designs and can be easily customised with your promotional message or logo by printing or laser etching. As a material, wood is hard to beat mainly due to its warmth and tactile qualities. In addition, wood is durable and shock resistant. Environment-friendly wood is a great option because it quickly bio-degrades in the natural environment and leaves no harmful residue behind. What’s more, when it comes from responsibly managed forests, it has little to no adverse impact.

Bamboo USB memory drives: one of the most common alternatives to wood USB drive casings is the bamboo casing. An ecologically sound alternative, bamboo grows very fast and is an excellent sustainable and renewable resource. This type of storage devices offers similar properties to wood and, in addition, they make a very attractive promotional item whether you decide to use them for an advertising campaign or simply to incentivise your staff.

Recycled plastic USB memory drives:  recycled plastics are widely used to manufacture the outer casings for eco USB memory drives, thus playing an important part in environmentally responsible choices. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, some models feature metal cover or inserts which makes it possible for the product to be printed or laser engraved as required.

Recycled ABS USB memory drives: If you are looking for a tougher material than regular recycled plastic, then you can always opt for recycled ABS.  More durable and shock resistant than normal plastics, ABS makes a very useful environment-friendly device, capable of displaying your branding for a much longer time. However, the nature of recycled ABS limits the range of available colours.

Why should businesses opt for eco-friendly USB memory drives?

At some point, each business will make use of promotional giveaways to promote their services, brand, or company.  With the introduction on the market of eco-friendly promotional products, reducing their carbon footprint has now become possible. Eco friendly promotional giveaways are made either from recycled materials or other types of materials which do not have a negative environmental impact. Instead of opting for newly manufactured materials, most businesses opt for a recycled version. And they do this because, from a promotional point of view, eco items have exactly the same impact on their clients as any other regular giveaway. What’s more, eco products come with an added benefit: they promote an ethical business and green message. Everybody likes to be perceived as environmentally friendly and to play their part in the constant fight against global warming.

It is true that, in the past, efficient data storage posed a difficult problem. Usually, data was stored in stacks of paper. And we all know that paper is environmentally damaging since it involves cutting down trees. Yet, businesses and companies had no other choice but to use paper to store their data. With the introduction of the USB memory drives, everything changed! USB drives have become a fantastic way for companies and business to store their valuable data. And now, with the new eco-friendly USB drives, they can go one step further.

In addition to being eco-friendly, these drives are produced in a green way. For example, the used plastic is bio degradable, the paper is recycled etc.  In addition, these drives contain no harmful substances such as cadmium, mercury or lead. To take this even further, eco-friendly USB drives have reasonable prices. So why not choose them for your marketing campaigns?

Like any other promotional product, recycled paper USB memory drives can be customised with your logo, promotional message, or company name. What’s more, they will help you promote a green message to your employees, business partners, or prospective clients. Since promotional giveaways are often handed out at exhibitions or events, you can use the internal memory of your custom recycled paper USB drives to upload your company’s logo, a presentation, special offers and discounts, etc.

So, next time your company is considering purchasing memory drives to meet its marketing needs, make sure to take a closer look at the wide range of eco USB flash drives as an alternative. Not only do they work exactly the same as regular USB drives, but they will also allow you to play your part in keeping our planet green!

Recycled paper USB drives come with attractive features that definitely make them stand out as the perfect giveaway or promotional product. For instance, recycled paper USB drives are not only dust proof, but also shock proof. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of colours, can store data in an encrypted way.

Those companies and businesses that use eco-friendly USB memory drives as promotional items will be able to let their clients know that they take their ‘Go Green’ investment seriously, thus depicting a strong sense of values. There is no doubt that their associates and clients will enjoy doing business with them. After all, it all comes down to conveying the right message and build up a suitable public image.

Words like “eco” and “green” are very appealing to savvy clients.  And these flash drives will imply that you are really making conscientious effort to see further than your organization’s purposes, thus enhancing your image and trustworthiness.  Using products such as bamboo USB drives or recyclable paper flash drives to ease the environmental impact will boost your clients’ confidence.