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  June 27, 2008

Easy Lock – Military Strenght Data Encryption USB

Travel by train regularly?

Transport files between the office and home?

Tired of seeing your top secret documents read over by the Nation’s Media?

Perhaps you need Easylocktm?

USB Company are proud to announce a new piece of software from the creators of Carry It Easy +Plus tm. Equipped with 256bit AES CBC-mode Military Strength Data Encryption under the hood, but a simple Drag and Drop user interface, Easylock is the perfect solution for your data security needs.

It’s not just government agencies that need to tighten up data security. In the modern business world, almost any data has value to someone outside your company. Unfortunately, this is usually to the detriment of your own company. On top of this, there’s nothing as damaging for your image as news of a data leak.


A word of warning, however. Easylock only allows passwords up to 128 characters, so those of you planning to use the first chapter of “1984” to keep your data secured may be disappointed.


Easylock usually retails for approximately £13 per licence. However, we can offer Easylock pre-installed on our custom USB Sticks for less than £2 per unit. For more information, please contact a member of our sales team.