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  April 29, 2014

Dual USB Drives


Mobility is the future and until the new USB 3.1 standard will be fully implemented, our external storage devices have to be able to be used in any circumstances.

Today, we don’t have content only on desktops or laptops. As we’ve started to use more and more smartphones, tablets and other smart devices, mobile storage devices manufacturers came up with the dual-USB drives concept, which are able to connect to both traditional computer systems as well as to smart devices that have the microUSB ports.

The concept is not really rocket science, but it makes much easier the share and transfer of data between any of our computer system and devices. The dual USB drives feature a regular USB port on one side and a micro USB port, on the other. In addition, these USB drives are made compatible with devices the run Android and BlackBerry operating systems and, as any other USB flash drives, they come with different memory capacity, from 8 GB to 32 GB.

Next, we will make a brief compare of three dual USB flash drives from Transcend, Lapcare and Sandisk manufacturers.


Trascend JetFlash 380

The JetFlash 380, which can hold 32 GB of data, is the first multi-purpose USB stick from Transcend. And because it’s designed to be used for laptops and other mobile device, it comes in a sleek small form metallic body. On one side, the JetFlash 380, has the USB 2.0 connector and, hidden underneath the port cover, another microUSB port is provided. Even thou the fitting of this device into the host ports can be done without much fuss, the heat emitted by it is on the high side, so there are some concerns about its performance.

Lapcare Infinity Duo

The Lapcare’s Infinity Duo of 8 GB is a new entry on the market. Lapcare is not a big name in mobile storage devices industry, but with this dual USB flash drive, along with other quality products at competitive prices, the company hopes to change this. The Infinity Duo follows the sturdy and compact pattern design, but compared to other similar devices available on the market, it is on the heavier side.

Sandisk Ultra dual USB stick

Finally, the Sandisk Ultra dual USB stick, with a memory capacity of 16 GB, is a dual-purpose USB flash drive from the renowned manufacturer. Its design is simple, with the USB 2.0 connector on one side and the microUSB on the other, and under its solid built body, it packs all Sandisk attributes. Also, the Ultra Dual’s ports are protected by a stylish slide-through case, which can be switched from one side to another when it’s not used. The design makes this USB flash drive easy to carry around and be used with any devices that are running the Android OS.