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  May 21, 2014

Doodle in Air with Lix 3D USB 3.0 Pen


We are sure that, sometimes, when you heard the old saw “You would not download a car”, you had moments when you would have like to immediately say “Yes, I would”. With the Lix 3D Pen, you will most surely not be able to create your own car or create the latest FX extravaganza, but it may be the first step in doing it.

The Lix 3D Pen

The Lix 3D Pen allows you to create things that otherwise would require you to leave the house to buy them. So, if you are creative, but don’t want to bother yourself with getting dressed, walking, driving or other activities involved when going out, you may find that Lix 3D Pen is the next step to the future, a future that certainly looks cool.

Usually, when we start working with 3D printers, we expect to work with big and boxy devices, but this 3D printer promises to be the smallest and lightest 3D printer available on the market. Plus, Lix allow you to doodle in plain air. So, no more CAD schematic diagrams or other similar formats, in order to build a physical copy of an object or your own creation. You will be able to sculpt the air and there are no limits on how big your creation can be.

Of course, for the consumer interested in a more detailed creation, like a car, the Lix will have limited appeal. But for professionals or hobbyists which are interested in quickly creating a mock-up or transform their ideas in reality, the Lix 3D Pen will become the fastest tool possible to achieve this.

The only real downside of this amazing new piece of technology is its filaments. The filaments have only a 5 minute lifetime, or, let’s put it another way, they only last for 5 minutes of painting. But, to replace them, there are bags of 30 12 inch ABS/PLA rods, which only cost $10 and this shouldn’t be a big deal.

On the positive side, the Lix 3D Pen only requires the power supplied by USB 3.0 port and gets heated to its optimum operating temperature in just a minute.

We found Lix 3D Pen very interesting and, even thou, it’s certainly not the right gadget for everyone, if provides a glimpse on the future developments, a peak of things to come. The product is available on Kickstarter. According to Kickstarter, the developers of Lix, in the current state, the printer’s filament extrusion is a little bit slow and specific figures are not yet released. So, until the final release, we can only see beta test videos of the product.