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  January 8, 2015

How to Deliver Quality and Fast Power at Incredibly Affordable Prices


USB wall chargers are amazing assets, usually produced by uncredited factories and available at really low prices virtually everywhere around the globe. However, USB wall chargers that are both fast enough and safe to be used with the products released by Apple are pretty rare, especially if they are able to charge more than one single device simultaneously. The Dual 2.4A USB Wall Charger – produced by RAVPower – usually costs $50, though it can currently be purchased for $13. Bolt 4-Port Desktop USB Chargers normally cost around $70, but they can currently be bought for only $17; Bolt 6-Port Desktop USB Chargers can currently be bought for only $27. As you can see, these incredibly low street prices practically seem too good to be true. Nevertheless, they all are wonderful chargers, able to work well with virtually all iPhones and iPads collections we have tested.

Each one of these chargers is only around 1.1″ thick. In addition, they are built very solidly and available in 2 colours of your choice: black or white. The two-port versions (i.e. RP-UC11) are the only ones that are made of glossy plastic and measure 2.1″ x 2.1″. They feature two 2.4A USB ports, along with flip-out wall blades on the opposite side of the ports. If we are to compare, 6-port (i.e. RP-UC10) and the 4-port (i.e. RP-UC07) versions are made of matte plastic. The first measures 2.7″ x 4″ and features two 1A USB ports and four 2.4A USB ports, while the second has a 2.3″ x 3.5″ footprint and features two 1.2A USB ports and two 2.4A USB ports. These 2 last models are delivered by RAVPower with detachable wall cables, along with anti-slip bottom rubber rings as they have been specifically designed to be placed on flat surface and have cables connected.


The only problem with the above presented 3 chargers is the fact that you need to buy yourself all the necessary Apple device cables. However, this is not an uncommon limitation when it comes to USB charging solutions. It is even possible to purchase even more expensive similar devices, such as the PowerDock 5 (manufactured by Griffin), which does not include cables either. The Apple-certified and budget friendly Lightning cables from Amazon and Anker cost only $10 to $11 each piece.

Despite their low prices, the performance of these three chargers is impressive. While charging, none of them emitted high-pitched squeals, which are tell-tale sonic signs of deficiently designed chargers. No matter which combination of iPhones and iPads we connected, it all worked out without generating worrying amounts of short-outs or heat. The 2-port charger is slightly larger than the iPad 12W chargers. However, it can perfectly displace 2 on power strips and crowded wall outlets. The 4-port charger is the ideal option for users who own several devices, while the 6-port one is perfect for those owners of multiple iPhones and tablets. You will not only get more ports than the ones provided by the vast majority of USB charging docks, but you will also get the high-speed 12W output, a feature required by 3rd and 4th iPads generations, which is a rarity in standard chargers. The “iSmart” power demand sensor provided by RAVPower automatically adjusts to the power needs of the device, thus being safe to use with virtually any device you connect.


Though we do not universally recommend these low-cost power solutions, the 2-, 4-, and 6-port USB chargers provided by RAVPower work well and provide an affordable alternative. The 6-port model is particularly impressive, mainly due to it its compact size. The needs of a user with 2 devices will be fully met by the 2-port model, while families that own lots of gadgets will simply love the flexibility offered by the 6-port model. For what they cost, it is difficult to go wrong with any of these 3 models.