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  March 6, 2014

Data loading on USB flash drive

Promotional USB flash drives provide companies, a simple, easy and convenient way to deliver important information to the customers. This is not the only reason why small and big enterprises use them, but is one of the main features this type of product provides.

USB data preloading

The preloaded data that is delivered can be various. From new products information, pricing, conference or seminar notes, videos or presentations, to any digital data mix that you find important for your customers to know. Preloading your data on your branded USB sticks is a great solution for lowering the communication costs.


A few years ago, CDs and DVDs were the most used storage mediums for advertising. Now, with less and less desktops and laptops without a CD/DVD player, the USB sticks are a better choice due to their compatibility and design customisation.

Another big plus of the branded USB sticks with preloaded data on them, is the high perceived value, which is significantly higher than the one of a CD or DVD and even other storage devices. As such, people love receiving promotional USB flash drives and tend to bond with the brand printed onto them. In addition, the empty space left on your branded USB stick, which will not be too small, will ensure an on-going use after your data has been read. This will result in repeated brand exposure.

The only, let’s say, problem, is how to get the data onto your promotional USB stick before you hand it out. The ideal situation is if you deliver the digital files when the order is placed. But often, video files, presentation notes and other data are not ready until the very last minute and to load them yourself can take hours or days. Think that 1GB of data could take 10 minutes per drive, multiply with the number of the ordered items and you got yourself a real challenge.

The best way to solve this problem is to let your supplier to load everything for you. They should have industrial data loading devices which enable bulk transfer on multiple devices simultaneously. You will find that most suppliers offer this service free of charge, up to a certain amount of data, and for large data transfer, the charge can be counted in pennies, making this investment a great one.