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  March 9, 2015

Custom Lanyards: How to Make Your Choices and Reach Your Goals


Creating printed lanyards is all about making the right choices. If you are considering selecting a lanyard, you should make sure to take full advantage of all the choices and opportunities that are offered to you. By doing so, you will be able to create the perfect lanyard for your business.

Deciding on a clasp is going to be part of the decision making process you will have to go through. Many people who are interested in ordering a custom lanyard tend to overlook this stage. Though it may look unimportant, the truth is that, if you wish to make sure that your loyal and prospective clients are actually going to wear your item, you first have to be sure that they can actually put it to a good use. And when it comes to custom lanyards, providing the right attachment definitely helps you reach your goal.

If you are going to target a younger market, thinking outside the box might benefit you. For example, you can opt for the loop. Although it is not one of the most common choices, it is an appealing option as small digital cameras and cell phones are widely used. What’s more, this type of attachment is ideal for music devices such as MP3 players.

Another decision you will have to make is the type of material that you want to create your perfect lanyard. Before deciding which fabric to use, try to take into consideration both your client’s actual needs and the way you want your business to be perceived. If, for example, you are targeting a teenagers segment, selecting a durable sporty fabric might be the best possible option. If that’s the case, nylon and polyester lanyards are just what you need. Polyester lanyards are very durable and do not wash away or wear off if used extensively. In exchange, if you are targeting an older and wealthy segment, a high end lanyard (made of satin or cotton) is the best choice.

The crucial part of this whole process is to know exactly what your lanyard should say. You might event want to have your logo, a catchy slogan, your website address, or company name printed on the cord. Just keep in mind that the whole purpose is to have the wearer know exactly what your company does and how it can be reached.

A quality custom lanyards supplier will even allow you to select how your lanyard is dyed. Silk screening is a standard technique that allows all kinds of different materials to be printed. However, it is more suitable for logos or images that do not require fine details. If you want a photograph printed on your lanyard, then the dye sublimation method is much more suitable.