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  February 18, 2014

Creative ways of distributing music using USB Flash Drives


Personalised USB sticks are just great promotional gifts being embraced by a wide range of industries in their sales campaigns. The music industry is a good example of how the promotional USB sticks are used in a very unique way. The distribution of fan merchandise, album releases or tickets to live shows has never been easier thanks to the USB flash drives. USB Company can preload your preferred data onto your bespoke USB sticks so they will be ready for distribution.

We have a lot of satisfied clients from the music business and their success stories are truly inspiring. Switching from traditional CD’s to USB sticks, allowed musicians them to provide their fans with new music releases every time they attend a live show, along with other informative material about the band.

If you’re in the music or any other creative industry and you want to learn about how USB Company can successfully bring you to the next level in organizing your music live show, then just contact us today to get your project ready!