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  August 21, 2014

Corsair Hits the Market With Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 drive


Recently, Corsair presented a new, highly innovative portable storage alternative. This portable storage device was particularly aimed at that type of consumers who need to efficiently store a huge amount of digital data in their wallets or pockets, and who need to be able to have quick access at it. Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 drives bring together the capacity of a compact state drive and innovative technology, and enclose it in a memory stick. Released this year, in July, the Flash Voyager GTX drive is already available in normal SSD sizes, which include the 128GB and 256GB capacities. As the GTX in this drive’s name suggest, we are dealing with a quality fast product.

SSD performance

Apart from being a firm competitor to solid-state drives, Flash Voyager GTX USB drives add SSD performance and versatility whenever and wherever its users need it. These drives feature 450MB per second read and up to 350MB per second write transfer speeds. According to Corsair’s predictions, it is, by far, the fastest USB flash drive the company has produced up to date. The new drive increases by over 6.5 times the write speed and 2.3 times the read speed of any previous version. The new flash drives make use of TRIM, which allows the drive to delete memory sections that are no longer in use, just like a common solid state drive. Among its other features, the USB Attached SCSI – which supports a faster transfer speed – and the SMART monitoring can be mentioned. These drives also support USB 2.0.


Store large video or audio files

Due to the convenient size of the Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 drives, users can easily store large video or audio files, entire operating systems, or any other type of files they need quick access to. The compatibility of these drives ranges from the latest Windows operating systems to Linux or OS X. The Flash Voyager GTX drive comes factory formatted, with the FAT32 file system included, thus insuring the compatibility between Macintosh and Windows computers. The usable capacity after the formatting is performed is of 119GB.

Flash Voyager GTX build quality is extremely good, with an aluminium exterior holding all the internal components tight, with the help of plastic end caps. The cap itself, whenever placed on the drive, is also held tight.

Small, yet very powerful, the Flash Voyager GTX drive is, beyond any doubt, one of the best USB flash drives currently available on the market. So, if you are interested in performance rather than the price, and you are looking for an extremely fast and reliable unit to easily copy all your data on and from, the Flash Voyager GTX might be just the item you have been waiting for.