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  December 26, 2013

Branded USB Speakers – the Gift of Music


As valuable members of your team, rewarding your employees with branded USB speakers can be one way to show that you care about them. These products can be a great present that can be used for their office computer, products that can bring your business even more benefits than you can imagine. For example, along with the appreciation that comes from receiving a gift, it’s a proven fact that music boosts productivity.

Today, branded USB Speakers have significant lower prices and if your computer systems did not already came with a sound system, you can provide them to your employees for an inexpensive amount. These speakers imprinted or embossed with your logo, can even be taken home by your employees after the work hours, increasing your business awareness in the process. In addition, it will be a very nice gesture to your team members, a way to show your gratitude and appreciation to the work performed.

But when you make such an investment, don’t go for the lowest deal available on the market. The quality of these products is very important since they carry your brand. The sound volume does not necessarily have to be very loud, because used in the office it may disturb the working activities, but the quality of the sound makes the difference.

Make the difference by using branded USB Speakers

Used for promotional purposes, these branded USB Speakers can bear your logo on their case, the imprinting methods being various. You can opt for the regular screen printing, a method that will make your logo look great and very detailed, by embossing or using the laser etching, making your promotional products unique and great long term keepers.

Because of their common connectivity type, the USB Speakers work perfectly with all computer systems and also with MP3 players and other sound devices. All your device needs to have is an USB port. Because of this, your employees will be able to listen to their own music from their players and will be able to focus on their work without any distraction from the surrounding environment.


The USB Speakers are certainly a unique and quite different promotional gift, but when received, they are highly appreciated and used for a long time, bringing your business more attention and even new customers. So the next time you are searching for a special giveaway, make sure you do not overlook the USB Speakers.