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  November 6, 2014

Branded USB Drives For Photographers – Marketing Ideas


It is no novelty for any of this blog’s readers that custom USB memory drives have become one of the most influential and efficient promotional giveaways, widely used by companies operating in practically any possible niche: from restaurants to chartered accountancy firms, educational institutions, car dealers, or pets food stores. So why not offer the same chance to professional photographers?

Even if you are extremely good at what you are doing and you have the necessary artistry and expertise to transform pictures into a compelling, lifetime memory, promoting your name is not an easy task. If you used to deliver your digital photographs to your clients in beautifully packaged DVDs, it is time for you to reconsider your options. Here are the reasons why.

Even if the DVDs are delivered in modern wooden or metal cases, nicely wrapped up with a bow or two, the latest technological advancements make your efforts look outdated and practically useless. Let’s think for a moment at the new MacBook Pros. You know that they come without a disc drive, don’t you? If your client uses a MacBook Pros, your cute customised DVD will be useless! The conclusion is simple: DVDs have now become an outdated way to deliver digital photographs to clients. Though it is true that right now only a small number of possible clients would actually have that problem, you wouldn’t want to give them an item they might no longer be able to use in 2-3 year time, isn’t that true?

And, to take this a little further, consider this scenario: your client does find a laptop with a CD/DVD reader, inserts the DVD and waits for the pictures to upload. But nothing happens, so he/she takes it out. Oh no, the DVD is scratched! All those amazing shots you proudly wanted to share with your client are now eclipsed by a technical problem that could have easily been avoided.

Though DVDs have been the pillar of photography businesses for a long time now, their necessity is nowadays called into question. And this happens for three main reasons: cost, obsolescence, and ease of use. Therefore, it is time to move on and consider new viable options.

And which better option than custom USB memory drives? If you want to find out why switching to USB memory drives is the best possible idea, here are some things you might want to take into consideration:

USB memory drives are cheap!

And you don’t even have to buy them in bulks! One of the main reasons people are reluctant to switching to USB memory drives is that they think USB flash drives are much more expensive than they actually are. What’s more, people usually think that, in order for the purchased USB memory drives to be cost-effective, they would have to buy more items than they really need. That is completely untrue! There are many manufacturers who offer their clients the possibility to customise their USB memory drives at more than affordable prices. Even more, even if you need a small amount of custom USB flash drives, you can get them at a reasonable price. If you are an independent photographer who only needs 10-20 custom USB memory drives a year, then this is wonderful news for you.

In exchange, if you are a studio with a high sales volume, you can benefit from amazing price breaks if you order your custom USB memory drives in bulk.


Custom USB for photographers can improve brand awareness

camera-usb-stickNo matter what types of events you usually cover – be it weddings, sports events, family reunions, corporate gigs, or high school portraits, – you do want to make a lasting impression on your clients and, at the same time, get your brand promoted. From the packaging to the USB memory drive itself, everything can be customised to match everyone’s needs and expectations: from design to colour, size, memory capacity, engraved logo or message etc. Your imagination is the only possible limit. By delivering branded USB memory drives, each time your clients will go to have their pictures reprinted they will remember the excellent service they have received. The imprinted logo will also help them remember the pleasant experience they had with you, thus increasing your chances of having your services recommended to other people.

And, since we are currently living in a digital era, there is no surprise that people love to share their pictures on social networks or by email. If you add a watermark to the delivered pictures, that practically means free online marketing for your brand and services! Not to mention that uploading pictures from a USB memory drive is much faster and much easier than from a DVD. And, trust us, the first thing your clients will want to do when receiving their photographs is share them as fast as possible with their family and friends.

In addition, since professional photographers mainly rely on word-of-mouth to increase their businesses, custom USB memory drives makes sharing portfolios extremely easy and personal. The USB sticks for photographers are the perfect tool for an artist to share and market his/her work. The branded USB stick becomes a projection of the artist himself. The sticks can be printed with the artist’s contact information or logo, and can be pre-loaded with thousands of images that can be easily shared. And one of the biggest benefits is that the sticks can be updated anytime with additional information, pictures, or pricing lists. A promotional message – which would be the first thing to show up when your clients connect the USB memory drive to a PC – should also be pre-loaded, thus reminding them of you for the next event they are planning.


How to package your custom USB memory drives to impress your clients

You can package your custom USB memory drives in an infinite variety of ways. By doing so, you will be reinforcing your brand and, at the same time, look professional. From cardboard, glass or metal jewellery boxes to velvet or silk pouches, gift bags, zip-lock hanging packing bags, or self-sealing zip-line brand bags. If you wish, you can also add a customised ‘Thank you!’ card before delivering the USB memory drive to your client. Or you can even include a couple of prints with your delivery so that your customers know how a good quality print should look like.

A good packaging will not only catch your clients’ attention, but it will also make them feel special and really appreciated, thus improving their attitude towards you and your brand.


How to adapt the size of your custom USB memory drive to your actual needs

It is common knowledge that USB memory drives can store more data than standard DVDs. If, for example, your business mainly focuses on weddings, going back and checking the archives to see how much memory space they require might give you a good idea on the size of the USB memory drive you should order. If your folders do not require more than 4 GB, ordering 8 GB ones would be a waste of money. If the necessary size sometimes varies, you can always order a couple of different sizes. Flexibility can – most of the sometimes – prove to be really useful.


Custom USB memory drives are more reliable and easier to use

Beyond any doubt, DVDs can be easier to damage than USB drives. Moreover, their shape and size does not precisely make them convenient to carry around either. So why should you choose to replace DVDs with USB memory drives? Simply because USB sticks are not only lighter, smaller, rewritable, faster, and are much more durable if compared with CDs/DVDs, but the stored photographs-or any other type of data you decide to upload on them – are impervious to dust and scratches!


Are branded USB memory drives the perfect tool for professional photographers?

The answer is, beyond any doubt, YES. Since the consumer market is slowly – yet steadily – moving towards a disc-free reality, it becomes clearer by each day that DVDs will have the same fate VHS had a few years back. So why wait until that happens instead of pleasantly surprising your clients? The best solution to promote your brand and, at the same time, make a lasting impression on your clients is to deliver your work in the easiest possible format for them. A good professional can’t afford to deliver outdated formats to those clients who are always looking for the latest and the best. Since USB memory drives have become the most common tool for quickly uploading, sharing and storing data, it goes without saying that custom USB memory drives are the perfect promotional vehicle for professional photographers. For all the reasons mentioned above, there is absolutely no doubt that custom USB memory drives are a win-win for both your clients and yourself!

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