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  January 27, 2014

Branded USB Battery Flash Drives


If you are searching for an attractive and interesting promotional item that can deliver the wow factor we all look for, you can find on the market battery shaped USB flash drives.

These promotional items work extremely well for battery manufacturers, but also any company related to the energy industry or businesses that have products powered by batteries. There are a lot of creative ideas that can include the USB battery memory drives and have a very powerful impact on the targeted market segment.

If you look at the battery shaped USB flash drive you may notice that they are a little bigger than the regular AA batteries, but this is mostly because the fitted USB connector. These branded USB flash drives usually have a metal casing and are designed with a screw cap, becoming a rugged and durable storing medium, made to last for a long time. And as for the memory capacity you can find a wide range, from 64 MB way up to 16 GB, sizes that can suit any marketing or advertising campaign requirements.

If you already have a preferred supplier or if you find a new one, be sure to always look at the accessories that come with your promotional items. With the battery USB flash drive, you can get, as a standard, a variety of key chains and lanyards, increasing their perceived value in the eyes of the receivers.

Also, consider the preloaded digital data service. And this goes for any branded USB flash drives you are going to use for your campaigns. Preloading your promotional products with your brochures, catalogues press releases, product sheets or other materials that you find important will save you the costs of printing, transportation and storage. You can even purchase your branded USB flash drives just from these savings alone, so don’t overlook this important service.