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  September 22, 2014

Blink1: The Flashing USB Device That Will Notify You of Practically Everything


We are currently living in a technological auditory landscape governed by blips, dings, and constant jangling. Their sole purpose is to constantly remind you of all those messages – most of them futile – that you are about to miss on your computer, cell phone, or other gadget. If you find these bleeps annoying, then Blink1 is a MUST HAVE gadget. What is it exactly that makes it so amazing? Well, it is probably the fact that this innovative notification device provides you with a visual cue instead of those irritating auditory signals.

What can this device do for you?

This amazing USB device was initially founded through an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign sometime last year. Designed by the ThingM computing company, this notification device is actually an extremely uncomplicated hardware piece. It is actually made of a USB connector, a USB controller, and a LED. What is really clever about this little device is the firmware its designers equipped it with: by using IFTTT, you will be able to program absolutely any type of notification you can think of.

You can obviously use it for a wide variety of purposes. For example: ‘Notify me if someone tweets me!’, ‘Notify me if someone mentions my name in a chat!’, or simply ‘Notify me as soon as I get an e-mail.’ But there are many other uses you can give to your Blink1. For example, you can use it as an indicator to let your colleagues know that you do not wish to be bothered while you are working. Or for your favourite basketball or football teams – if you want to set up different types of notifications for each one of them, you are given the possibility to control practically everything, starting with the colour of the light, the brightness, or even the pattern in which the device flickers.

Blink1 makes it possible for you to know everything that is happening without the necessity to open and check any window, type commands, or visit websites. You can practically simultaneously use as many Blink1s as available USB ports on your device.

Why is Blink1 a MUST HAVE?

We have the tendency to want to see all events and notifications as soon as they happen. We expect our phones to ding as soon as someone – no matter who she/he is – mentions our name. Or we expect our watches to buzz as soon as we receive an e-mail. But the truth is that all these auditory notifications become stressful. Especially when you are doing something important and you are trying hard to focus on what you’re doing.

This is the reason why innovative products such as Blink1 act like valuable gatekeepers and stress relievers.