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  February 12, 2014

Blank or Pre-loaded USB Flash Drives?


The Pre-loaded USB flash drives

USB Company offers customised USB flash drives that are ready-formatted and blank or pre-loaded with custom data that you can supply. Loading data into your USB Flash Drives can be a real hussle, especially when you have hundreds of them. Here’s why we give you the choice and save you the effort of loading the data yourself.

Pre-loading data is a service that’s crucial to any marketing or sales campaign.  In the long run, you will benefit from the sales information that is loaded on the flash drive and also your customers will be pleased to get a useful promotional gift.

What information you can load on your USB flash drive?

You can load a lot of information on your USB flash drives like product lists, prices, videos, photographs or PowerPoint presentations. These information will help your clients to make up their mind about a future purchases from your company.

At USB Company we are offering you the choice to buy your flash drives blank or pre-loaded, and it all depends on how you think they’ll be used once they reach your customers. If you want more exposure for your company name  with a positive reminder every time the device is used, then yous should pick blank, ready-formatted drives for your customers.

The blank, branded USB flash drives  is the perfect gift that goes in the long run since each time the USB stick will be out of the pocked it will show your brand name.A  pre-loaded  flash drive significantly increases your sales chances. The data loaded on the flash drive is limited only by your imagination and the capacity of the drive. The pre-loaded flash drives can double the impact of your marketing campaign in addition to a cool looking branded USB stick.

You could take the option of buying blank drives and loading the data yourself. That can be a time consuming task especially for a large sales campaign that may involve you giving out hundreds of flash drives to customers.

If you are interested in data pre-loading check out our offer.