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  June 6, 2008

Beware of Vistaprint Scam

We recently took delivery of some books from Amazon, with those came a couple of vouchers. One of them was from Vistaprint which offered “free” stamps. Their targeting was spot on as we just thought about ordering some stamps so we went ahead and ordered the “Free” one and another one from their range. Two weeks later the stamps arrived and it was all looking good.

But.. a month later an unidentified charge appeared on our bank statement, it was a payment of £9.95 with the reference clubprem.com. We had never had anything with them to do so we called the bank and they told us this was a charge from Vistaprint and of course the charge was irreversible. So we called them and right enough when we ordered the “Free stamps” we had to pay for postage with our credit card and apparently there was some very small print there stating that we agreed to subscribe to clubprem if we ordered these stamps. Certainly we did not see any of these small prints and we have got nice big computer screens..

It makes us wonder how big companies like Vistaprint are allowed “lure” customers into these traps, it also surprise us that Amazon being on the forefront of e-commerce engages into business activities with dubious companies such as Vistaprint.

We can imagine many people don’t even take notice of such a small charge, luckily we did and manage to cancel the subscription. It definitely teached us a lesson so people beware of these stunts from Vistaprint or others that are offering “good deals”

Here at USB Company we would never engage in such activity, we believe in honesty and straightforward communication. Imagine luring our customer into a subscription for promotional Usbs now that’s silly….