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  August 14, 2015

Be Creative With The Bespoke USB Flash Drive


There is an increasing demand for branded promotional products such as branded USB sticks, so why not order a bespoke USB stick? This way you can have an entirely unique branded USB Flash drive for your company, and it’s also really affordable.

USB Design

Now, the only restriction to the design of your own USB is the limit of your own imagination. The USB Flash Drive is manufactured from a resilient PVC rubber, and you can choose the colours and shapes you like. The great thing about this kind of branded USB stick is that your company’s logo won’t get deleted even after years of use, since the branding itself is embedded in the product.

Also, remember that the bespoke USB sticks can also have any memory size and they can be provided with a number of accessories such as key rings or lanyards. Everybody who uses a computer regularly will appreciate a gift as useful and easy to carry as a branded USB stick. They are versatile and can be used to keep backups, to store important information or to transfer files and folders from one computer to another.

Remember that you can order any shape of USB branded memory stick you want; companies have created all shapes from a simple embodiment of your logo or mascot to more complex designs such as Animals, Cars, People or Airplanes or even really creative USB’s, like the ones shaped as food. You can even create a USB stick shaped as your newest product, or choose a design that suits your business domain; for instance, if you own a music store, you could create a great guitar shaped USB stick to promote your business.

Creative branded USB sticks can have a number of different uses in marketing or PR campaigns. You can use a new model for the launch of your most recent product on the market, for promotional giveaways on Social Media or as a gift to boost your company’s exposure. Marketing people everywhere know the value of a promotional gift that is actually going to be used on a regular basis, instead of being thrown into a corner and forgotten. A customised USB stick can make your brand present into a consumer’s everyday life, as a subtle reminder that your company is there to help fulfill their needs.


Bespoke USB sticks are extremely popular these days. Not to be confused with standard shaped USB flash drives, Bespoke USB memory sticks can be made into any shape imaginable, from your logo to a replica of your product.

Any shape is possible, including 2-D and 3-D drives, in any colour imaginable. The only restriction is that the drive has to be big enough to hold the flash memory module and the standard USB connector that allows it to be connected to your computer. Fortunately, the custom drive company you hire can help you with the design to ensure that these constraints are taken into account.

While there are plenty of companies out there these days that will print your logo on a standard flash drive or memory stick, there are far fewer who will do custom design and production. That’s because custom drives require a larger skill set, including the ability to work with suppliers to integrate the electronics and the custom casing into a dependable yet affordable product.

If you want your company to really stand out in a market that is often flooded with generic flash drives, you might want to consider going with a custom flash drive product. While it will take some extra effort on your part to articulate your idea and review designs, the results can be well worth it, even with the higher unit cost of a custom memory stick.

So how do you find a dependable supplier for your Bespoke USB drives?

First, it’s important to find a company that actively promotes custom drive designs on their website or in their catalogue. This will be the first sign that they have the experience and expertise to create a custom drive design for you. It’s not important that they actually manufacture these drives on-site. Most companies farm this process out to factories in the Far East these days. What is important is that they understand the design process and how to integrate the electronics into the design you have in mind. Offering your target audience a drive that will fall apart or fail isn’t smart marketing and going for the cheapest product out there is an invitation to these kinds of promotional item disasters.

As you work with your design team they’re bound to make some recommendations or changes to your design. Consider each of them, as they may either be necessary or add features you may not have thought of initially. This may include a loop for a lanyard or a locking top to protect the USB connector from becoming damaged. A great promotional item company will have this kind of working knowledge of the products and how to best execute your idea.

Before you get too far into the process, you will want to request some samples of their past custom drive work. This is the best indicator of the kind of quality they demand and their capabilities. If a company is cagey about showing you samples, you may want to look elsewhere because you just may be their first custom USB drive customer. Given the importance of promotional campaigns, you never want to be someone’s guinea pig.

Finally, you want to discuss the electronics that are used in the drives. The memory chips are graded A through D and you want to know what grade of chips are in your drive. It’s not to say that a B grade is bad, just that it didn’t live up to the quality assurance process of a Grade A chip. Usually, the lower the grade, the more likely a chip can fail, have slow read/write speeds or not be able to fully access the level of memory advertised. Get the best grade you can afford and if at all possible, get products with Grade A chips. You won’t regret it.


The best advice of all is to do your homework before you order a large batch of custom USB drives that may not meet your expectations. And if you have the luxury of a few extra dollars in your budget along with time, you may want to order up a small batch first before ordering thousands. A lot of custom memory stick and USB flash drive companies offer production rates as low as 100 units.

Usually, a standard, off the shelf, USB stick is small and for some companies or individuals, maybe boring. Also, unfortunately, they get easily lost, especially if they don’t attract too much attention and valuable information is taken with them.

But, even thou the USB flash drives did not evolved too much over the years, some things have changed for the better. Just as people are unique, have flair and unique personalities expressed through the products that they use every day, so are the custom USB sticks today. Like clothing, pictures, bumper sticks or key chains express our personality and taste, so are the USB flash drives that we use. They make no exception.

Custom USB flash drives

Today, people use these “data savers” for almost everything. Onto USB flash drives are copied photos, business information, school projects, movies, music and all other kind of entertainment. They are used to back-up important data from computers or mobile phones. And a lot of people carry their USB stick with them all the time mostly because they are constantly updating their content by downloading, sharing or transferring data.

This makes the USB flash drives are very popular items and by customising, we can add character and personality to them. Technology allows us today to turn these indispensable products into almost any shape imaginable and with a myriad of colours to choose from. They can be designed to look like a school mascot or the logo of a company, sports team or artist. The options are limitless. And even better, these custom designed promotional USB flash drives can be ordered wholesale in bulk, saving tons of funds, unlike buying at retail prices from the local electronic stores.

Some savvy entrepreneurs can even turn this into a new business, by selling in retail their unique and attractive USB sticks to other people. In a single weekend, the newly created USB flash drives can be easily offloaded by a college student. And the funds could cover the costs of books for an entire semester plus something extra. Or they can be used as presents during the holiday season, which everyone will enjoy and use.

custom shaped flash drives

For companies, the use of promotional USB sticks as giveaways is now both a tradition and a necessity. These items offer organisations a lasting return on a sound investment and help save precious time, space and money, as they do most of the advertising work for them.

The custom USB sticks are changing the way people view promotional items. And since sometimes life provides enough boring periods, these amazing digital data savers may be the ones that provide more colour and joy to your friends, family, customers or partners.

The custom USB sticks are extremely portable, inexpensive and flexible gadgets that are very popular these days in the business advertising market. These gadgets are allowing the user to transfer and store important files by having a great memory capacity that include documents, films, pictures, music and much more. Choosing to use USB flash drives for advertising purposes is a great idea. Custom USB sticks are cost effective, user targeted and their practical usage makes them an indispensable item. These advantages can help you in gaining more benefits over your competitors.

USB Sticks Benefits

USB sticks are widely used all around the world and will be surely loved by your clients, business partners or customers. The custom shape USB sticks allow you to create truly effective advertising campaigns. They take more time to create but the impact is much higher for your targeted audience. These effective promotional products play an important role in helping your business to reach a wider grasp on consumers.

By printing your company logo on a custom shaped USB stick you will create an unforgettable impression for your customers and the other ones that will see it. This is also a great opportunity to connect with your business partners in a new and effective way. The durability of custom printed USB sticks is one of the most important factors that increase your business exposure.


Custom Flash Drives Uses

Custom USB sticks are an excellent gift for your employees as well. Your employees can use them in corporate meetings, or to get new training materials. Flash drives with your company’s logo imprinted on them are making a powerful impact on all the viewers. If you represent a school or university, custom sticks can be used by students to store their presentations, notes and projects. With more customisation features, the flash drives can be engraved with their name and other useful details to make a good impression on examiners.

With USB Company  you can easily select the ones which suit your needs and requirements. Your brand will have greater visibility and long term advertising results will pay off your investment. Almost all USB drives come in a variety of styles, colors, designs, shapes and storage capacities. Before purchasing any USB flash drives ensure that the appearance and design of the stick is high quality. We offer an extensive range of designs for flash drives that customers can choose from.

You can find online an impressive amount of promotional items and ideas, from the most basic key rings, mugs and pens to anything you can think of, or not. But to a successful promotional item is a product that appeals everyone and, most important, a product that has a practical use.


USB flash drives are very popular such products because they are extremely practical, they have a small but attractive design, they are used basically by anyone that can operate a computer and they provide an economical option to other promotional items.

Branded with your company logo or brand name, the custom shape USB memory drives are great giveaways for any promotion. They provide a very high level of visibility and you can customise its shape, size and design any way you may want, becoming unique and individual promotional products.

The great advantage of using branded USB flash drives, is that investing in them, it will guarantee that your enterprise will be remembered for a long time. And to achieve this, use a design that reflects your business. A car shaped USB stick if you own a show room or a wine bottle shape if you are in the wine business. You get the point. With the branded USB stick, the possibilities are limitless, as you just have to create a design that fits with your company image.

Customising your promotional item will make it one of a kind, it will stand out and will be distinctive to your business. Your customers will feel special and it’s all because a simple item and your small gesture. But if you don’t have any specific idea about how to create your promotional product, our design team can provide advices or simply find on our website a selection of USB sticks with great designs that can be delivered in just a few days.

And because the USB flash drives are digital data storage devices, why not use them as they were intended to work? With the preloaded data service, you can put on them any information about your business, products or services. So, along with seeing your logo every time they use your gift, your customers will also be informed about certain aspects of your promotion or other company details. The branded USB flash drive marketing potential is huge.

Even thou it is not a new idea, using branded USB sticks for your marketing or advertising campaigns, will get you noticed. Everyone loves a stylish, funky or colourful gift that also has a practical use. So use these amazing promotional items for your promotions, special events, press launches or for other occasion to increase your business awareness, to attract new customers, to endorse the loyalty of your existing client base, in other words, to increase your sales.

Today, a huge number of companies from all industry sectors have used branded USB flash drives for marketing advertising purposes. Creative designs and uses were developed for these amazing promotional devices, mostly because the need of merchandising opportunities that were available to businesses in the leisure industry and the big companies’ need to stay on top of their market segment.

We all know about Coca Cola and I don’t think there is a more known brand than this one. The so widely spread shape of the Coke bottle was scaled down to the size of a regular USB memory drive, which reveals its USB connector upon cap or more exactly, the bottle top removal. Of course, the body of this product has not been neglected. It was designed to hold the brand’s so recognisable colours, red and white, and the company logo.

Also, McDonald’s used USB flash drives for their campaigns. We can still remember and admire the flash drive that looked like a portion of fries. This design allowed the user to remove the plastic carton that covered the “fries” in order to reveal the USB connector.

custom shaped flash drives

And to continue in this fashion, we can find custom USB flash drives that look exactly like a 35mm Fujifilm roll, very popular among professional photographers. Plus, one the simplest but very easily recognisable designs that Lego adopted, a bright red Lego brick that houses a memory stick.

USB sticks are also present in the film industry and television campaigns. We have all seen memory sticks shaped like Batman and Robin or USB wristbands that promoted Pirates of the Caribbean. We can also add to the count the music industry, as USB credit cards that were imprinted pictures of the Beatles and other famous bands or artists.

The branded USB flash drives are amazing marketing tools. They can be used to promote any business, no matter how big it is and what products or services it sales. And preloaded with previews, catalogues, wallpapers, screensaver content or any other advertising materials, these products become even more valuable for the company using them, but for the receiver also. Customers are not only receiving an extremely helpful gadget, but also interesting and useful information.

If you are searching for a unique and versatile tool to be used for your company’s marketing or advertising campaigns, look no further. You should consider the customisable USB flash drives.

Customisable USB flash drives

But before you consider ordering this effective tool take a peek at the different models we have available. The range of models cover the ones made from plastic or rubberised plastic, metal, wood and leather. Also, you can choose from memory drives with removable or retractable caps, the twisting caps or the sliding models. Some of our branded USB flash drives are even rubber coated for an increased resistance to drops or knocks and to make sure you data have an extra protection. Or why not use USB sticks the wrap around your customers’ wrist to make sure that they are not misplaced and are always handy.

There are many methods to choose from, to put you logo, message or other details on your promotional USB memory drive. Of course, some casing materials are best for a particular method, but most of them support laser etching, pad or screen printing and multicolour printing. For example, the leather type USB flash drives will look amazing with embossing.

With the branded USB flash drives you can’t go wrong. Everyone uses and appreciates them as they are indispensable digital data storing devices in our technological society. And with the variety of customisation methods available, the branded USB sticks can be perfect gifts for students, employees, executives and, in fact, for anyone that can use a computer.

The branded USB memory drives

These are ideal giveaways for any market segment or industry, whether you want to gift one to a special partner or use them as promotional items in a special event. Using these tools to promote your business, you will surely not be forgotten. Your company will be remembered every time your branded USB flash drive is used and, with the right design, it will attract even more eyes on your logo or brand name, thus increasing your business awareness.

So, if you want to make a gift to your loyal customers, important partners or to some remarkable employees, or you want to effectively send a particular message in your market segment, think technology.