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  August 7, 2015

Bamboo USB Sticks, the Eco Friendly Solution


Everyone seems to want to be more environmentally friendly these days, so why not cater to your “green” customers with eco friendly USB sticks.

Blending the classic beauty of fine woods with the state-of-the-art technology of a flash drive, the bamboo flash drive creates a connection between high tech and renewable tech.

Bamboo is a very sustainable material, growing five times faster than other woods while having the strength of steel. As a result, you can rest assured that the data on your drive will be well protected.

In Chinese culture, bamboo is a traditional symbol of longevity and these USB flash drives will live up to that expectation. Not only is the flash drive made of the finest electronics, but the bamboo casing is crafted from some of the best bamboo available. The beautiful, rich grain and fine finish is a symbol of your own commitment to quality and a relationship that is long and lasting.

Another advantage of wooden USB sticks is that your logo or message can be discreetly carved into the surface, making it a great gift that says you care about the environment.

If you really want to send a clear message that you’re environmentally conscious, consider packaging them in 100% recyclable packaging as well.

Either way, you’ll find that bamboo USB flash drives are a very smart product for promotions or keeping in-stock as an advertising tool for your business. It is a rare combination of tradition and high tech that sends a strong message about what’s important to you or your customers.

The USB Bamboo models of flash drives are the most environmental friendly USB memory sticks that can be found on the market. The bamboo is actually not a tree, as in fact, it is a grass, a grass that grows at an incredible rate. This amazing plant, after it is harvested, you don’t even need to replant them. From the root system new shoots sprout up desperately searching for sunlight and absorbing greenhouse gases found in the surrounding environment. And another “did you know?” fact about the bamboo is that it releases 35% more oxygen than a similar sized regular tree.

An Eco Friendly USB Stick

In order to grow, the bamboo needs no chemicals, no pesticides are required as they seem impervious to pests and do not need any kind of machinery to prepare its ground before planting. In addition, its rooting system contributes significantly to soil erosion and its wood, even thou is not technically a wood, can be as tough as any other hardwood, but with the benefits of not shrinking or swelling. Yes, bamboo is super plant.

It comes with no surprise to find out that today, bamboo is used in the manufacturing of various products, like chairs, plates and bowls, or kitchen worktops. And even the casing of our great USB flash drives, making them the most eco-friendly piece of technology available in the promotional market.
Our branded bamboo USB flash drives have their internal components just like other regular USB memory drives. The difference is made by the bamboo outer body. Also, because some models have caps, two small magnets are used to fix them to the rest of the case, to ensure that they stay in place.

So, if you need or want to impress your customers or partners with your environmental credentials, using the USB Bamboo, the USB Bamboo Twister or the USB Bamboo Square at exhibits or shows, is a great to do it. Also, preload all your sales brochures, catalogues or other collateral onto them to save the costs and materials used for printing, to further enhance your eco statement.

We believe that high tech promotional gift (such as promotional USB sticks) and going eco-green are mutually exclusive, but that’s not really true. Many companies are trying to be eco friendly by reducing their carbon footprint, and there are many ways of using technology to do that.

For example, if your company is currently printing flyers or brochures, you can easily consider switching to a promotional USB flash drive to replace the paper waste.
And if you give away bamboo USB Sticks or a recycled flash drives, that’s even better!

In business as well as in nature, sustainability may be a source of development and constant improvement, and we have to focus our attention on using regenerative resources and buying products with a reduced ecological footprint, whenever this is possible.

The bamboo USB stick

The bamboo USB stick is manufactured from polished bamboo wood; it will immediately present your company as an environmental friendly one. The beautiful, eco-friendly and recyclable bamboo wooden case holds a memory stick that can securely store your company’s data and you can still personalise the wooden case with your company’s logo or marketing message. You can customize the bamboo USB flash drive using a discreet logo carved into its surface to send out an eco-friendly message about your company.

Any eco-friendly promotional gift can make a long lasting impression on your business partners, employees or clients, and since bamboo is as one of the traditional Chinese symbols of longevity and good luck, your gift will make a great impression in any business circles. Also, keep in mind that your memory stick will stand out in the crowd among the cheep looking plastic ones, and it won’t be lost or forgotten inside some drawer.

There is a wide range of bamboo USB sticks available on the market, from simple, clean and minimalist designs to wooden versions of the famous Twister USB design, so all you have to do is choose the right one for your next marketing campaign or promotional giveaway. They say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, so a clean and simple wooden USB Stick may be just what you need to make a good impression.

More and more businesses decide to promote their company and products using an eco-friendly promotional gifts that send out a strong image of sustainability, so you should think about this option when deciding what type of promotional USB’s you want to order.

Did you know that major retailers (such as Ikea or Argos) regularly use over one hundred thousand tons of paper every year on marketing tools, such as catalogues and promotional flyers? Or that around 4.5 billion trees are cut down every single year, just for the production of paper? Or that the paper industry is the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world? .

At the same time, around 40% of our waste burdon tends to be paper. 40% of what we throw away. What does that suggest happens to all these flyers, catalogues and other materials? . Why not try offering customers a catalogue on a USB stick? Or your students their course materials on usb rather than in thick folders that will end up at the top/bottom (delete as appropriate) of their wardrobe? Why not file internal reports on USBs rather than in giant stacks of paper that’ll end up in the shredder tomorrow, and the bin the day after? .

And why not go one step further, and look into buying some of our eco-usbs for the job? Made from bamboo, probably THE most renewable sources of wood on the planet, they are both renewable and environmentally friendly in production, and save the planet one tree at a time by keeping all your documents in an electronic form. . What do you have to lose? Other than Earth, of course. .