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  January 20, 2014

Amazing 2-in-1 Promotional Products

The value of a promotional product strongly depends on how useful the item is. On the market and in our branded products selection of USB Sticks, Pens and many other gifts, you can find 2-in-1 items for the price of one. Your receivers will have double the reason to use them and plenty of incentive to put your competitor’s gifts aside. ¬†For example, you offer a USB Pen as a gift, your receiver will no longer need your competitor’s pen, correct?

Next we will present four of our most favourite 2-in-1 branded products.

The USB Pens

Even thou we are a little bit biased, we can state that we have the best selection of these amazing promotional products. The Pen USB Drives are the highest quality pens on the market and they come with a big bonus, an extremely useful and reliable storage medium that can hold up to 16 GB of digital data. Some are ergonomically designed for comfort, some are designed for those special partners that you value so much. And they all have plenty of space for you logo, company name or brand name.



Phone Holder and Screen Cleaner

These products are a cool holder-cleaner combo designed to keep you smartphone safe and clean. They come in almost any colour and provide a generous space for you custom logo.


Laser Pointer Pen

The laser pointer pen can be a great tool to use in your workplace and let’s face it, there can never be too many pens in an office. As a bonus, the incorporated laser pointer is perfect for meetings and PowerPoint presentation or diagrams.


Custom Flashlight Pen

These products can be seen as the light in every business individual’s pocket. They are a great mix of useful items that we all need in our homes or offices, just like our briefcases, purses, cars and other indispensable products.


Even thou the most of the USB Sticks do not have the 2-in-1 feature, don’t overlook them, because they offer a greater range of styles and designs that can suit your marketing or advertising campaign better. Our selection of USB Sticks covers all bases, from leather, metal and wooden products to the classical plastic and rubberised plastic items. The most important aspect you should consider is your receiver needs and preferences. Based on this, choose your promotional products for your next marketing campaign.