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  June 18, 2015

8 Surprising USB Memory Drives and Chargers

The Internet abounds in weird, silly, and sometimes completely useless inventions. You can find practically anything, from cheerful crowd pleasers to deeply disturbing artefacts. Below you can find eight USB memory drives and chargers which fall somewhere in between these categories.

Connect a Pet Rock to your PC

The only true pet Father Jack ever had was his brick.  If you wish to recreate his profound love for stonemasonry, you can always get your own USB Pet Rock – even if it does absolutely nothing. According to the product’s Amazon description, USB Pet Rocks does nothing but confuse your co-workers and friends and make you smile. The good thing is that a lot of junk is sold on the Internet with only one purpose: make people smile. And that’s not a totally bad thing.


USB-heated warm gloves

At some point, we have all experienced this: you are desperately trying to type an intelligent and witty comment right below the most viewed YouTube fail video. But it is freezing in your igloo and your frozen fingers simply refuse to send the message you would like to convey. Then, what’s left to do? Maybe purchase these USB-Heated Warm Gloves? Most customer reviews state that the gloves warm up pretty quickly; however, they won’t be too hot. According to one customer, the gloves provide a pleasant feeling while wearing them. Often, while sitting in front of her computer – she adds, – her hands freeze. So what better solution than these gloves?


Need USB ports? You can try three!

The Cactus Triple USB Hubs may be some of the most useful gadgets on this list. It is true that we never seem to have enough available ports. This gadget is cool looking and, at the same time, indispensable for any multi-device charging adept. We are talking about an USB 3.0 that features wide-angled ports, thus preventing cable clutter. The device supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and it is backward compatible USB 2.0. The transfer rate goes up to 5Gbps.


Put a Cork in it!

We can’t deny that glass bottles have always fascinated everybody. Whether they are carrying mysterious messages along the oceanic currents or they serve as the home of a miniature battleship, we all love bottles.

The ‘Empty Bottle with Cork USB Drive’ comes with a tiny bottle that reminds us of an inkwell. Though it only has 2GB, we have to admit that it looks great. The USB drive has two parts: a small glass bottle and its matching cork. The glass bottle acts as a protective casing, protecting the connector on the cork from dust, moisture, and water. So, you should make sure not to pour liquid into the bottle…unless you wish to eliminate all the stored data.


Gold, for material ladies…and gentlemen

Owning a bar of gold. Isn’t that wonderful? If you love this idea, you can always write it down in a word document and then simply store it on this surprising customisable USB Stick Gold Bar. This gadget costs €49.90 and it is made from a gold-coloured metal coating. If you wish, you can even have your name engraved on it. The manufacturer warns the potential clients that the product is going to be printed exactly to the clients’ specifications. So you’d better watch your spelling!


Swiss army knives

Swiss army knives are expected to include it all. And the Victorinox Flash certainly does. It even includes its own USB connection with up to 64GB of memory. What’s more, custom engraving is also available too. The Victorinox Flash Collection offers a wide variety of colours and capacities, ranging from 4GB to up to 128GB: the Victorinox Slim (a simple drive), the Flash Alox Flight (adding a knife, nail file, and scissors, and nail file), the Flash LED (adding a LED flashlight), the Secure ( access to the drive requires your fingerprint), or the Presentation Master (adding a Bluetooth remote and a laser pointer to navigate through presentations). Which one do you prefer?


Transformers USB

Those of us who are old enough to remember, the 1980s cartoons were clearly dominated by Transformers – and Thundercats. And this USB is perfect to reflect that nostalgia. The Takara company teamed up with Toshiba and created ‘Jaguar’, a USB drive that hails directly “from the Transformers universe”. This is a really cool design! So, if you still have free space on your computer desk, enjoy this memory stick that easily transforms from an average looking and normal flash drive into a frightful jaguar!


Umbilical cord charger

These chargers resemble the human umbilical cords. According to its creator, the gadget is meant to describe the human attachment to technology. If that was not enough, then you must know that the gadget actually undulates when plugged in, miming a mother feeding her unborn child through the umbilical cord. If you are into this type of ‘art’, then it might be the right device for you.