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  July 3, 2015

5 Powerful Tools That Can Fit On Your USB Drive



USB memory drives have, beyond any doubt, come a long way. Once simple means of transportation, useful for keeping in check and move around a pile of documents, pictures, videos, or other types of files, the undeniable value of USB memory drives had exploded along with their continuously expanding memory capacity.

If you don’t believe it, have a look at these 5 great tools that can perfectly fit on a USB memory drive and run from it. Maybe you will find yourself more than surprised at what USB memory drives can do for you nowadays.

A fully developed SSD

Substantial memory capacity is no novelty when it comes to modern USB memory drives, some of them offering more storage capacity than Ultrabooks. However, as we have mentioned in a previous article, the Flash Voyager GTX, launched by Corsair, can stand for a solid-state drive. We will not go through its technical characteristics again, as we have already done so. But we would like you to keep in mind that the Flash Voyager GTX features software that you would expect to encounter in a SSD, and not precisely in a USB memory drive.

An all-out operating system

Despite their limited storage capacity, traditional USB memory drives still have an ace up their sleeve: they can successfully be used to run different types of operating systems, even the Linux Live drive which had been specifically designed to run from physical discs of USB drives.

Live drives allow you to boot into and run fully developed versions of operating systems. However, the memory gets wiped when you shut down your computer. FreeNas, a free operating system is usually used to transform hardware in a home server. It works at its best if run from an USB memory drive, even if it’s a 4GB memory drive.

A whole set of operating systems

Sometimes, you may only want to make use of a secondary operating system in your central operating system, mainly due to security, testing reasons, or software compatibility.

Virtual machines will let you achieve that. While they are usually limited to the computer they are installed in, Portable VirtualBox allows you to run several virtualized operating systems straight from your USB memory drive.

Portable computer survival kits

Apart from operating systems, USB memory drives can perfectly store all the software that can bring your PC to life.

If your PC gets affected by hardware issues or malware, it’s difficult to find a web app that could help you. However, a USB memory drive that includes powerful tools that can be run straight from your USB drive can do wonders. The secret weapon is an application named PortableApps.

A speed and performance boost for old PCs

If your PC’s RAM is limited, a USB drive can help you speed everything up. ReadyBoost is an amazing tool that can be run from your USB drive and can bring your computer to life. ReadyBoost speeds up your hard drive’s access times, while using the memory of your USB drive as a cache.