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  February 19, 2014

5 Cool Branded Accessories for the iPad

An iPad is a piece of premium top notch technology by having an exclusivity aura. The iPad stands out from other similar gadgets, and any accessory that is attributed with the iPad demands the same admiration. Buying branded iPad accessories as custom gifts for your clients or partners is a great idea in more ways, because it automatically ensures that your potential and current clients will associate the refined and complex image of their iPad with your own business. Beside from making a luxurious impression, a branded iPad gift will uplift your customers morale considerably. In this article we are going to show you 5 cool branded iPad accessories that are irresistible:

Twin USB Car Charger

If you are running out of time or you have no possibility to recharge your iPad at home or at your work place, the ideal solution is to use the twin USB car charger. If you spend more time on the road than anywhere else, this chager  is the best way to charge up all your gadgets. The twin car charger USB functions with your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket and having twin ports gives you the advantage to charge 2 devices at once. If you represent a company that activates in the travel industry, car rental or transit business, then it is a must for your logo to be present on this device. This will offer you great brand visibility because it will be exposed  more hours each day than an classic branded USB stick. A must have accessory!twin-usb-car-charger-ipad

Branded iPad External Battery

If you are a traveling person, and you can’t separates yourself from your iPad then you will need to consider on purchasing an external battery for your device. External batteries are a great backup source for any iPad when you are out of outlets. The 5200mah external battery looks sleek and compact being very easy to carry around anywhere. The battery provides up to 80% of your normal iPad battery power and it can be used as an invaluable accessory when you are facing an unexpected or urgent situation.  Since most of the people are likely to use the external iPad battery just in absolute need, one can rest assured that the logo on top of it will not go unnoticed. The external iPad battery is very practical and useful, being one of the most wanted promotional and branded gift gadget.


Portable iPad Solar Charger

The portable solar charger for iPad spares you to search for a socket each time you need to charge your iPad. If you spend spend most of your time outdoors and if you enjoy the blue sky and a bit of a sunshine on your back, the solar iPad charger is the ideal alternative. The solar charger works everywhere being one step ahead of the external iPad battery. Adding your logo and your company name to this gadget does indeed help a lot your brand exposure. The solar chargers represent top-edge technology, being a part of the green movement. A solar charger  of 6.000 mAh containing a Li-ion rechargeable battery transform this case into the perfect branding space.ipad-solar-charger

Compact iPad Stylus Mini

Since the first iPhone came out, Apple did not produced a stylus as part of their iPad or iPhone product lineup. You can always add one, and the iPad Stylus Mini represents the best solution. Since the iPad is not equipped with any slot for this accessory, the Stylus Mini simply fists in the charging connector socket. This has a great advantage since it protects the iPad’s connector from any damage and it can be used any time to skech up a few creative ideas or even draw some images. There are a lot of apps on the App Store that support the stylus, making it perfect iPad accessory especially for designers and architects.


Branded iPad Skins

The branded iPad skins offer an wide selection of gorgeous colors to choose from. The iPad Skins are the ideal way to get visually distinguished from the crowd. The skins are a perfect mix of function and fashion, offering the essential protection for your device, while bringing along a sense of individuality. Place your business name and logo on top of these fancy accessories and you will have a business gift that everyone would be happy to take home. Elegant and available in a lot of colors, the branded iPad skin is the perfect branding accessory for your employees or partners.