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  January 9, 2014

17 Brand New Business Gadgets

In this article we will try to cover some of the new business gadgets that caught our attention, hoping to make your work more productive and maybe, spice up your office.

Magic Feet

Because most wireless peripherals require a lot of battery switching, the Magic Feet was developed to come into our aid. This is a device that can charge wirelessly your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad and your Apple Magic Mouse, plus, it has four extra USB slots, two on the back and one on each side. A full charge can take about 10 hours and should last around 10 days. Also, you can use your devices as they charge up.


Rocsafe MX External Drive

This device is an external digital data storage medium that uses real time encryption. It requires a smartcard and a PIN in order to access the data. You can even make multiple copies of the smartcard if you want to give them to your associates or employees, or in case you lose it. Since the drive encrypts the data in real time, the transfer speed is fast and is almost impossible to hack. Also, MX makes the encryption at the hardware logic level, making it much less vulnerable to breaches, unlike the software encryption.


Sony Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

Many business travellers prefer the noise-cancelling headphones over the regular ones, especially when they are flying and even at the office. These Sony headphones are remarkable mostly because they are boxless. The noise-cancelling circuits are usually found in a box that is clipped on the shirt, but these ones, have all those circuitry in the earpiece. The Sony set also have micro-size drivers for a high quality playback and a rechargeable battery that can last over 20 hours.


Cobra Tag G5

This gadget is actually a key fob that pairs with your smartphone. When it gets separated by more than 30 feet from your mobile device, you get an alert and you can find out where the tag last was. Also, if you want to locate your phone, just press a button of your Cobra Tag G5 and your smartphone will start ringing. So, if you misplace your keys or your phone often, this device may solve some of your problems.


Dynadock U3.0

This is a docking station using the USB 3.0 technology. It allows you to charge multiple USB devices like a smartphone, digital camera or an iPod and in the same time to share a presentation on one screen and analyse a spreadsheet on another. Dynadock has six USB ports, two regular USB 3.0, two sleep and charge USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, a gigabit Ethernet, it supports 5.1 surround sound systems, a HDMI out port, a DVI-I out port and a two monitor full HD digital video card.


Targus SpinPad for IPad2

If you like your iPad so much that you constantly have it in your hand, then the SpinPad is a simple, but amazing accessory. You slip your hand or forearm through the back and you are ready to go. You can walk around with your iPad and tap it with your other hand, but you will have no more worries about the balance of the tablet or about dropping it. The SpinPad swivels and adjusts, so you can use it also as a stand or you can even use it to hang your iPad from a hook.


Logitech BH320 USB Stereo Earbuds

If you don’t know the BH320, then let us tell you that these USB headphones are nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The BH320 are design specifically for the business market as they provide enterprise-grade, in-ear audio VoIP, videoconferencing and are optimised for Microsoft Lync. They connect through the USB port and have in-line controls on their 6 foot cord.


Kensington SecureBack Security Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

First of all, we must point out that Kensigton has also an iPad version as well. This security case features a two way stand, a ClickSafe Lock and you can actually tie down your table, physically. So, if you are concerned that your tablet may get stolen, this security case may be a solution.


Little Printer

This is an inkless thermal printer, developed by a London based company, which can be connected to your smartphone and print snippets from your online world. The Little Printer uses a cloud platform called BERG Cloud, a platform that gets input from selected web services.


iTwin “Multi”

The iTwin “Multi” is a splittable USB device that allows the user to access files remotely or collaborate with other individuals, without the need of a data cloud service like Dropbox. Once the two halves of the device are plugged into computers with internet connectivity, you can access the system files of one of them from another. The device uses a military grade 256bit AES encryption with two factor authentication and a remote disable function, in case one half of the device gets stolen or lost. Also, with multiple devices, you can access more than one computer in the same time and share files, but you will need more than one iTwins devices.


NeuroSky MindWare Mobile Headset

This device looks like it comes directly from the future. It uses sensors that measure your brain’s electrical activity for iOS and Android application. In fact, it measures how attentive, relaxed or concentrated you are and sends this information to Tug of Mind, an app for stressed out businesspeople. With this app, you can upload a photo of someone or something that can cause you stress and, in order to defeat your opponent, you have to keep your mind calm.



This is a great gadget for all you iOS loving businesspeople. You can pair your iPhone or iPad to the Invoxia’s AudiOffice using the Bluetooth and enjoy its enhanced sound quality for your conference calls or to play your favourite music. AudiOffice uses “In Vivo Acoustics” technology, which provides no echo and background noise. Invoxia claims that it actually sounds like you are in the room with the people you are talking to.


Olympus SZ-31MR iHS Camera

This is a compact, travel-ready digital camera that packs a ton of power and performance. It is capable of capturing 1080p video and 16 megapixel still images, combined with 24x wide-angle optical zoom lens, 3 inch LCD touch panel and iHS technology. iHS stands for Intelligent, high-sensitivity and high-speed, technology that reduces picture noise and enhances the resolution.


ESI 250 Smartphone for the Desktop

This is the new enterprise grade smartphone for small and medium sized companies from ESI. It may look like a regular office phone, but it’s not. It features a 7 inch colour touchscreen and apps like Evertone, it allows you to send text messages and record calls, it has reminders, advanced conferencing and automatic call distribution. The ESI 250 uses VoIP running on ESI servers, which can support up to 300 phones.



Tiki is a USB microphone. But this is an understatement. Tiki is the first microphone that uses advanced DSP (digital signal processing). This technology mimics the human hearing by focusing on certain desired sounds, it minimise the background noise and knows when to mute. This is a device that is as compact and functional just as regular USB flash drive, it plugs directly into the host computer and it requires no special drives.



With the HoverBar you can use your computer and your iPad in the same time. This is a flexible arm the clamps from your monitor at one end and at the other end it has an iPad case. The HoverBar can swivel 360 degrees, clips your iPad from your iMac or Apple display and use it like a second screen.


Sony HDR-PJ760V 96GB Full HD Camcorder with Projector

This is not your regular digital camera. It features a built-in projector for instant displaying of your videos, Balanced Optical Steadyshot image stabilisation for shake reduction, 1920/1080 full HD 60p recording, 24.1 megapixel still image capture, 96 GB built-in flash memory, 26 mm wide-angle lens and 10x optical/17x extended zoom. And we could go on.



Here is that little printer again:

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.