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  August 6, 2014

10 Unusual USB-powered Models That Can Change Your Desk’s Appearance


No matter how rich your imagination is, someone must have already foreseen your brightest idea and attached a USB chord to it. Here are some of the most unusual USB-powered life companions.

1. Bouncer

Functions: This professional bodyguard will keep your computer safe each time you need to leave it. Though he won’t punch intruders in the face, he is, however, able to shout and threaten each time its motion sensor detects priers. “You’re cruising for a bruising!” is one of those lines that will definitely scare your cat away!


2. Think Light

Functions: Are you trying to save some money on your electricity bill? This is your chance. Think Light is basically keeping track of your typing speed. The faster you type, the brighter it gets. If you keep your fingers fit, you could light a room with nothing but your ideas’ flow!


3. Retro Vacuum

Functions: Tired of turning your keyboard upside down and brushing with your own hands those priceless little treasures you’ve been hiding inside it for months? This vacuum cleaner will do that for you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a maid to dust your desktop.


4. LED Beverage Cooler

Functions: If mini-fridges had babies, this is how they would look like. This LED Beverage Cooler can successfully host one single can, making the saying ‘Sharing is caring!’ sound obsolete. The blue led inside even lights up when you open it.


5. Humping Dog

Functions: Apart from storing your data, the Humping Dog USB will also explicitly show you where his name comes from. … time and again….for as long as you have it connected to your computer.


6. Ashtray USB

Functions: This USB not only keeps your ash tidy, but it also filters smoke releasing clean air. It can handle up to 4 cigarettes.


7. EMS Muscle Mouse

Functions: Why waste time going to the gym when you can get fit by simply using this mouse? Click…muscle stimulating shock…and so on, until you achieve the look you’ve been craving for! Working as a professional blogger doesn’t sound that bad now, does it?


8. Wireless PC Lock

Functions: Are you working on the next fabulous USB design and you don’t want anyone to access the precious plans? Lock the computer! Plug the USB receiver in your and computer and hide the transceiver in your pocket. Each time you leave your computer, it will get automatically locked.


9. Rechargeable Shaver

Functions: Does your social and professional life evolve around a computer? Then don’t allow unexpected Skype video-conferences catch you unprepared!


10. Retro Skype Phone

Functions: There is absolutely no reason why someone should stop looking classy ….even during modern Skype sessions. The money you save up with free calls need to be invested in something anyway.


I bet this leaves us all wondering…WHAT’S NEXT?!