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  January 17, 2014

10 Simple But Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products


An effective and affordable way to promote your business and get a better brand awareness is to use branded or promotional products. A recent study from Advertising Specialty Institute or ASI showed that ‘… promotional products consistently rank among the most influential, enduring and cost effective ad mediums available’.

Also, from the ASI study we can highlight two important aspects. One of them is that almost 52% of the times, advertisers get a more favourable impression from the consumer when promotional products are used and the second one is that one third of American consumers are more likely to get an advertiser as partner after getting their branded products.

These are compelling arguments, but there is still a question on how to use the recently ordered branded items, because if they are just sitting around, the only thing ‘useful’ they are doing is gathering dust.

To come into your aid, we’ll give you ten simple but effective ideas on how to use your new promotional products.

Trade show swag

At any trade show, booth ‘bling’ is a must have. The idea is to make people walk away with an item branded with your company name or logo. This way, they will remember who you are and want you do. According to ASI study, the most popular products are the writing instruments, shirts and bags come in second and third. So why don’t you take advantage of our great selection of USB Pens?


Charity swag

Every company should sponsor charity event, because sponsorship comes with rewards. You have to make sure that your items are along and among other ones that bear big names. Or why don’t you offer to outfit the volunteers with USB Wristbands that include the charity’s name and your company name.


Referral programs

The best form of advertising is the one made by your happy customers. So make it easy for them to tell their friends and family about your business. To set up a referral program is quite easy, but the most critical component is to make sure that ‘thank you’ gifts are provided to your customers.


Radio station tchotchkes

If you did not consider advertising on local radio stations, think again. Radio stations can offer ‘value added’ options where they can feature your business or your products at station events. Listeners attending to these events will love receiving giveaways and your branded products can be among them. So check our selection of promotional items and find out what can you use for these types of events.


In-store freebies

Who would not want a free pen? But what about a USB Pen? For example, if you own a restaurant, why don’t you put some of these at the hostess station among the mints jar. This can also be used if you have a hair salon. The customers will remember you and will surely bring in new clients.


New customer programs

If you are doing mail campaigns, why don’t you make thing more interesting? Put a small promotional product inside the envelope, a product like a USB Credit Card. People love free gifts and if they get one, they will have something more tangible to associate with your business.


Networking events

As a business representative or as a business owner, every professional, passes out business cards at these networking events. But there is a way to make your company or brand stand out and it is actually much easier than to talk with every person that is participating. Why don’t you pass a branded USB stick to the attendees? One carrying all the information needed about your business and its products or services.


Employee apparel for personal use

You can provide you employees with apparel for every season, from T-shirts to sweatshirts and different accessories, like wristbands. They will surely wear these items and your company will get more exposure.


Sales teams/street teams

If your sales strategy includes staff members that hit the road, make sure they are wearing apparel with your logo, casual wear, uniforms or laptop bags.


Community events

A way to spread the word about your business is give something back. You can offer to sponsor a little league team or a road race to make your business known. Or at a local dinner, you can provide promotional mugs with your logo on them. Even more, let the people attending take the mugs home.