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  August 28, 2009

Recruiting? Go Gumtree, avoid the greedy Monster


USB Company is expanding and in the search for the new team member we had a a couple of options. Previously we had used gumtree for recruiting and we have been very impressed with the amount of applicants we had received. Now this time we decided to have a look at Monster which is a pure job listing site and even with the high price tag of £125 for 2 weeks listing we decided there must be a reason why they are so expensive. So we posted and paid by credit card and then waited and waited and waited. After 7 days nothing had happened, not a single email or phone call, we called the Monster and asked if our listing was up and they confirmed it was listed. So what does it mean, well for us it was clear its a waste of money. After 14 days we had 2 applicants from Monster adding up to £62.5 per applicant.

In comparison 2x£25 ads on Gumtree.com gave us over 70 applicants to choose from, admittedly the quality of the applicants varied a lot but still the difference in response was surprising.

So you are hereby warned don’t waste your hard earned money on the greedy monster go gumtree instead!