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  September 4, 2015

Gift Boxes – The Perfect Packaging Option For Your USB Sticks

Although the signs of economic recovery are promising, businesses are still facing tough times, continuing the struggle with the present environment. The path we are taking is a good one. Our national output is forecast to rise from 1.9% to 2.4%, supporting the general consensus that things are changing.

Today, the business environment is still challenging, forcing companies to continue the growth drive and to stimulate sales. And even thou the promotional USB flash drives do not hold the solution for this struggle, they can be used as a part of your marketing campaigns, campaigns that increase brand and product awareness, and, in the end, increase your sales.

USB Gift Boxes

From the millions of promotional giveaways and branded USB sticks offered every year by companies, the best ones, the ones with the greatest impact and that ones that generate the most positive impression and feedback, are the fully customised models, like the USB Bespoke, and the ones that have a quality gift box, a good presentation.


The 2015 BPMA survey tells us that 45% of the people which received a promotional product prefer the branded USB flash drives. And even thou today, these promotional products are still the most preferred giveaways, the challenge businesses face, is to make sure that their gifts are different from the other ones, that they stand out from the crowd. Creative designs that result in unique 3D shaped USB flash drives can be one of the ways to achieve this goal. The only setback is the delivery time, which is much longer that the standard models that are available the next day.

The other solution is to offer your promotional USB sticks in a personalised gift box, either printed or engraved. These gift boxes for USB’s have a wide range of colours, sizes and even shapes. Some of them may look better engraved, while some of them go better printed. But in the end, the effect on the customer is what counts.

So, make your customer have a premium feel when they receive your gift, a gift that holds your brand. Check the packaging section of our website and pick the best gift boxes for your promotional USB flash drives.



Despite the generally accepted belief that the purpose of USB packaging is mainly for protection reasons, packaging goes way beyond this! It is not a coincidence that many USB suppliers offer their clients custom printed packaging services. Especially since branded packaging can serve as a powerful and highly efficient promotional vehicle, allowing you to advertise your company or brand.

Standard plastic cases, pouches, tins, or boxes are the most common packaging options. However, due to the continuous creativity and innovation in the field of USB memory drives, the standard USB packaging had to keep up with the latest tendencies and technological advancements and take on unique shapes.

As a consequence, many packages have been specifically designed to offer extra room for additional presentation supplements and media, such as discs and inserts, or booklets. Memory drives packaging has now become versatile, adapting itself to varied presentation settings, retail environments, or personal uses.

Below you can find a list of some of the most used and versatile packaging options available nowadays.

Plastic cases

Usually, plastic cases come in clamshell or book-like designs. The book-like plastic cases substantially resemble Blu-ray Amaray or a DVD cases, and are commonly known as Flash Pac cases. The design of book-like plastic cases is perfectly adjustable to USB memory drives.

Flash Pac cases can simultaneously hold from one to three USB memory drives. However, some of the available single drive cases can come with an additional tray which can hold a DVD, a Blu-ray, or a CD. Due to the fact that the USB memory drives are securely kept in place, the Flash Pac provides secure and stable portability. The USB memory drives are secured with a plastic shaped cut-out that comfortably fits around the drive and its cap. In order to improve upon the memory drive’s presentation and, consequently, marketing value, the interior clips of the case can hold standard-sized promotional inserts and booklets. The outer surface of the case features a vinyl sleeve that can perfectly hold supplementary promotional material. Due to the perfect combination of these features, the Flash Pac provides a retail and uniform appearance.

Tin boxes

In order to showcase the USB memory drive when opening, tin boxes are usually cushioned with foam and other similar materials. Sometimes, in order to enhance the visual impact of both the tin box and the USB memory drives, the tin case features a plastic window. Due to the fact that tin boxes are made of metal, laser etching and silk-screening are the most common techniques for adding logos and other designs.

Vinyl Sleeves

In order to make the most of the generous printing area the case’s outside offers, vinyl sleeves – designed for entrapment covers – can also be used. Vinyl sleeves are perfect for presentations and promotions, mainly due to the efficacy with which they can display information, while still maintaining a compact and slim size.

Velvet Pouches

This memory drives packaging option is a great alternative, mainly due to the fact that it lacks the rigidity of other types of cases. Among their main benefits, it is worth highlighting that their soft nature makes them perfect to fit and store anywhere, while still protecting the USB memory drive from scratching and other external damages. A drawstring protects the content of velvet pouches. In addition, just like metal and plastic cases, velvet pouches can be branded by using custom printing. However, the most viable option remains the single color silkscreen printing.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes represent another great packaging alternative. USB box packages are usually made of plastic, paper stock, or robust cardboard. This type of USB memory drive boxes is widely available in stores. This is the reason why they might have a more retail ready look. Among the main advantages this packaging option offers, we can point out the generous customizable area, which is perfect for printing barcodes, product descriptions, or labels.

However, there are other available USB memory drives box cases that may have a more personalized and sophisticated look, sometimes resembling a jewellery box. In order to improve the quality and visual factors, many of them are delivered with a cushioned pad. Since they are able to make USB memory drives feel like a valuable and special gift, these boxes are perfect for corporate events, or even as a bonus for a purchase.

The main benefits of USB memory drives packaging

Are you considering using branded USB memory drives in your marketing and advertising campaigns? Why not go one step further and surprise your potential clients or prospective business partners? A branded package will not only protect your clients’ valuable data – such as important work documents, precious memories, or priceless pictures – but it will also be a highly efficient and eye-catching method of presenting the feel and look of your brand and of your company. In addition to the standard packaging and branding options, more and more manufactures put their creativity at their clients’ full disposal and strive to create unique USB packaging that will add a significant value to their products and services.

USB packaging is, by far, one of the most direct ways to attract the attention on your memory drive. When distributing branded USB memory drives for information distribution, or marketing and advertising purposes, your giveaways deserve to look professional and stylish at the same time. All the above mentioned packaging options will reinforce the value and the professionalism of your digital product, thus enhancing your brand awareness and increasing your chances of attracting new customers.

There are at least two sides for every story, concept or action. And it is also the case with of how gift boxes for the USB flash drives are seen. If you study a little bit on the Web, a lot of people are writing about the great benefits of packaging branded USB drives, but there is also the same amount of articles about how gift boxes are a waste of materials. In the end, the choice is all yours, and as every company should know their targeted market segment to develop powerful marketing campaigns, so should you know how much of an impact packaging branded USB drives will have on your customers, partners, employees or other people in the targeted segment.

Custom boxes

There is no arguing about the fact that your promotional USB flash drive will look better packed in different custom boxes. They will actually look like a real gift, no like the regular advertising giveaway, and, when handed out, they will create a higher impact, adding a plus value to your branded USB sticks. Most branded USB flash drives are delivered in individual plastic bags, designed to protect the product from different shakes or scratches during transit, but they have no aesthetic value. Based on this, the “anti-box party” will state that getting rid of these bags and packaging branded USB drives in your own custom boxes, to complement your presentation pack, will just be a waste of materials that should not be overlooked considering the eco-friendly way of doing business approach. Again, it is all about making choices and think about your company’s image in the eyes of the gift receivers.

  • For example, if you plan to offer your promotional USB sticks to corporate executives, business delegates and speakers at a conference, or other potential high net worth partners or clients, then a custom gift box used for packaging USB drives is a very good idea. Also, in the gift boxes, you can put any accessory your promotional item may have, like lanyards, key rings or other appropriate advertising materials. In this situation, a gift box will not only look better and will be more suitable, but it will make your gesture not look clumsy.
  • Spending a lot of funds on packaging branded USB drives is another aspect to take into consideration. The promotional USB flash drive should be in the centre of you customers’ attention, not its gift box. Always try to find balance. It is better to design and purchase more attractive gifts, so the receivers will find them appealing and will provide a higher functionality, so your brand will be remembered and exposed more, than to focus too much on the gift boxes. After all, in most cases, the packaging of branded USB drives will end up in the bin.

And that is why the “anti gift boxes” lobbyists make reference to the waste related to the packaging of branded USB drives. The gift boxes, regardless from what materials are made of, will most likely end up in the bin. And they are right. Think of the boxes’ materials production, the manufacturing process of the box itself, their transport from the factory to your premises or the place you need them. All this consumes energy vital to our planet and to us. So packaging branded USB drives might be best to be avoided, if unnecessary, if your company has any eco-friendly approach or at least is sympathetic to any green issues.

There is always a choice available and there is always a middle way, but this is all up to you and what is best for your company.