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  November 26, 2013

Christmas gifts ideas from USBcompany.co.uk

ChristmasChristmas flash drives is just around the corner and big or small business have to take into consideration a huge array of factors when preparing Christmas events and gifts for their customers, employees and partners. Every company wants to thank all involved parties for their participation and to make sure their efforts are continued through the next year also. Choosing new and original presents can be extremely difficult, especially ones to stand out from the crowd, last for a long time and leave a constant reminder of your brand or business. A chocolate box, a bottle of wine or a food basket will not say much about your products or services, unless you really are in the food or alcohol business. But even so, these gifts will not last for long, especially if they are high quality products.

Offering personalised gifts will demonstrate your clients that your attention is fully focused on them, along with your time and efforts. And if you are offering a very useful and long lasting present, your gesture will encourage the receiver to have a higher opinion of your organization, will endorse their loyalty and will attract even more clients in the end.

Personalised electronic gifts and gadgets

Personalised electronic gifts and gadgets, branded with your company’s message or logo and carrying preloaded digital Christmas greetings and other Christmas promotional materials can be a brilliant idea. They have a very high perceived value and, in the same time, will promote your business with every usage.

Christmas usb sticksUSB flash drives designed to look like a Christmas tree, as snowman or as Santa Claus may be a little kitschy. Still they are more attractive than the standard greeting card, calendar or diary. But to avoid these kinds of situations, we suggest a few products that will be appreciated by anyone, from teens to elders and from regular customers to corporate executives. Personalised USB flash drives come in a myriad of designs, shapes, sizes and colours. They are extremely affordable and can be used by any business that want leave a positive and lasting impact on their clients.

For Christmas, your company may want a more generous space for printing, our USB Credit Card comes to meet this demand. And as they are so slim they can be even carried in a wallet along with other credit cards.

For teens or students, the USB Wristband can be greatly customised for this major yearly event. This product is very popular in this market segment of people as it can carry around their digital data whatever activities they may have. From sports to entertaining events, their data will be safely attached to their wrist and can be very easily accessed.

For corporate executives, our leather USB flash drives, like the Leather Keyfob USB, USB Leather Clip and other ones, can become a very stylish and useful Christmas gift.

Or, for your employees, the USB Big Key may be a very nice Christmas gift. It may come as a key to the office, a product to ease the access of their working data. Also, our People USB Memory Stick may be a great present that will make your employees feel that their wellbeing is valued by your organisation. It can relieve the stress or the muscle tension without leaving the work place.

But there are even more promotional items that can be used, like the Digital Photo Frame, which branded with your logo it’s the perfect USB gadget to share photos when there is no computer or internet available.

With smart customisation, The USB Mini Speakers or the USB Vase Speakers can become great Christmas promotional gifts. They can be highly appreciated giveaways for people that love Christmas time decoration and music. This way, the Christmas party’s music can come from your branded speakers.

Also, customised mouse mats can be a good choice for companies that require even more space for their Christmas message. From the Bestseller Mouse Mat to the Soft Mat with Wrist Support and highly customisable to the amazing looking Aqua Mouse Mat, they can become a cost efficient and valuable tools in your Christmas marketing or advertising campaign.

People USB memory stickWhatever product you find useful and meets your business needs and requirements, make sure you take full advantage of our special promotions and discounts. All our products, accessories and packaging can be tailor-made to your needs and desires and also, our experienced graphic designers can provide support for your company logo or corporate design.By offering promotional gifts, you are in fact making efforts and expanding your business’s opportunities. And we are right at your side, to help you in this endeavour.

Unlike so many other items that make a “buzz” during Christmas and then fade out, our branded USB flash drives and other products are designed to last for a very long period of time, mostly because of their value, their functionality and their use they provide to the receivers.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our products, services or special offers.