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  February 28, 2014

9 Creative Branded USB Drives That Will Impress

In today’s business environment, visibility is just as important as providing quality services and products. An effective solution to spread the word about your company is the use of branded promotional gifts and accessories. But in order to achieve the maximum benefits from your giveaways, you have to target the specific customers in your business segment and to meet this, we propose a few ideas, 9 creative branded flash drives that can promote your brand and add value to it.

USB Wristband

If you want to stick to the traditional silicon wristbands, you can opt for the colourful, rave off late, Wristband USB’s. This is something that is widely done by many charitable organisations and not only. Just put your company name or a smart tagline on them and gift them out to a cool crowd.


USB Wristband in leather and metal

Why not use as a fashionable item, a leather and metal wristband, especially if it comes also, with a USB flash drive. The young generation will love it and the rest will find it more than useful and practical. Place your brand logo or message on it and everyone will see it every time the person who carries it, waves. This way, fitness centres and even education based business, for example, can have a fun way to get the word out.


USB Credit Card

At every business meeting, people exchange business cards that end up in an office desk drawer or, even worst, in the bin. With the USB Credit Card models, customised as business cards this will not be case. They fit perfectly in the potential customer’s wallets and will be carried around as a fancy USB drive to use when needed. And most important, it will bring your brand a lot of positive attention.


USB Web Key

USB Web Key mailer is another way to promote your business, apart from using the branded USB flash drives. These promotional products can be gifted at fairs, trade shows or even mailed to your clientele. Connected to a host computer, the USB Web Key will direct the receiver right to your website or promotional web catalogues.


USB Pen Drives

These are some extremely effective products. In the same time, you offer your customers a top quality pen and a USB flash drive, with your logo or company name on top. The USB Pen Drives work well with all audience and they provide a sense of refinement and sophistication that translates to goodwill towards your business.


USB Bamboo

The USB Bamboo is in fact a two-in-one item. It makes your brand more visible and makes a statement about your ‘green’ intent. Green business and eco-consciousness are more and more popular even with top brands. So why not join this trend with your own planet-friendly credentials? The Bamboo line of USB flash drives provides elegant and simple products as logo carriers.


USB Swiss Army Knife

If you want to promote your brand in a sophisticated fashion, this promotional USB stick provides the perfect way. The Swiss Army Knife, with a built-in USB flash drive is a gift that most people will pocket with glee. And with your brand proudly placed on top of it, your business will certainly be not far away from the mind of your customers.


USB Bottle Opener

Why not give your premium customers the USB Bottle Opener as a reminder that the best place in the neighbourhood to grab a drink is your hangout. This item makes a great gift to people that enjoy a drink or two in the evening in the comfort of their homes or at your establishment. It’s an effective, compact and cool way to get noticed and to attract new customers.


Guitar Shaped USB Stick

If connected or related, even remotely, to the music or entertainment industry, the Guitar Shaped USB stick will make your potential customers proud to carry it around. It can be customised with Elvis motifs and bling blings, for example, and it’s about playing up the style.