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  November 27, 2008

Exhibition Guide – Take a Stand on USB Sticks!


So, you’ve bought your stand space. You’ve paid for the electrics for your lights. You’ve rented a table and chairs. You’ve had a stand and banners designed and printed for you. You’ve been inundated with telemarketers who see you have a stand, telling you that you need a Feng-Shui expert to help with the positioning of your leaflets or the angle of the lighting, or a juggler to amuse the passing masses. Okay, they are probably two of the few services telemarketers haven’t offered you, but probably should have. After all, everything you’ve done so far is geared at one thing; getting people in front of your stand.

So why not bring in some Promotional USB Sticks? You can save the planet by putting all those catalogues you was planning to print out onto them, while at the same time offering a real crowd draw, a free gift that will actually be useful to the visitor. Why not give one out to anyone who signs up to your news letter, or puts their business card in a box? Why not have your logo prominently printed on the top of the USB stick, ensuring that it’s constantly in front of your visitor? You can even have the USB Stick launch your website whenever inserted into their PC.

Feeling adventurous? Why not go one step further and give away a USB Massager, a 4 port USB Hub or even a Laser mouse?

So, have you forgotten something on your exhibition check list?